Varied range of Dutch bird houses

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Varied range of Dutch bird houses

The birds in our tunnels have trouble finding a suitable nesting spot. This is because people need more and more housing to live in. In addition, more and more houses and sheds are being built, which means that the nature reserves are disappearing where the outside birds find a pleasant view. This drastically reduces the number of natural breeding grounds and that is of course a shame because many people enjoy wild birds which forage for a living in our gardens. Fortunately, there are several ways to get these birds into your garden. In our webshop you will find a number of nice products that ensure that these birds find your garden a suitable place to stay. We have a number of different variants of nesting opportunities to make your garden a habitat for these garden birds. You are at the right place to order these at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel. Simply select one of the nice bird houses that we have included in our extensive range, so that the birds have a nice nesting place in your garden or further surroundings. When the breeding season starts, these garden birds will eagerly use this nest box, so you can spot many more birds in your garden and maybe even get a nest in your garden. For example, by placing one of these nesting boxes you have also been able to help the birds a bit, and that is simply fantastic!

Why place a birdhouse in your garden?

If you are considering purchasing one of our birdhouses, you can choose from many options. This is certainly a good choice if your garden could use a little something extra. We therefore offer you a wide range of bird nest boxes. As a result, there is always a nest box that is suitable for your garden. A birdhouse can certainly add some extra to the atmosphere that is created in your garden. For example, consider a classic birdhouse that is hung against a fence or tree. This enriches the garden, but much more importantly. You also help our birds enormously.

The breeding season starts for most garden birds in the spring. They then look for a mate and find a suitable place to nest where they can raise their young birds. Unfortunately, these nesting sites are not always available in abundance as their natural habitats are becoming more and more urbanized. This makes it increasingly difficult to find a suitable nesting place. We can of course help them a little more by hanging a nest box in your garden. This makes it less difficult for these garden birds to find a nesting place. A safe nesting environment is very important for the birds, because the birds are very vulnerable during the breeding period. After all, by installing a birdhouse you ensure that the birds can move in here. This avoids many dangers. For example, think of birds of prey or domestic cats. Fortunately, these cannot reach the inside of the birdhouse. It is therefore very important to hang the birdhouse sufficiently high. Besides the birds will be very happy with it, it is of course also very nice to have a birdhouse in the garden.

The perfect environment for your garden birds

There are a number of important things when choosing a birdhouse. Almost all birds have a preference for a birdhouse. One bird prefers a semi-hollow birdhouse, while another bird prefers a closed house with an entrance opening. The size of the entrance opening can also vary per bird species. One bird has enough of an entrance opening of 28 mm, while the other bird species prefers an entrance opening of 32 mm. So take a good look at the different types of nest boxes, so you can respond well to the preferences of your favorite small birds.

In addition to the type of birdhouse, the location is also of great importance. A garden with more vegetation is visited more often by the birds than a bare garden with almost no plants. This is because the planting produces more seeds and insects. The birds also have more places to hide in case of danger. Keeping a garden a bit cluttered can therefore certainly help to make the living environment for birds a little more pleasant than a tidy garden. In addition, putting a tree or large shrubs in your garden is also a good idea. In a tree you can simply hang food such as fat balls or peanuts when the birds need it in the winter. you can also easily attach a birdhouse to the tree. This is certainly not a must because they can just as easily be attached to a fence or facade. Garden birds also have different preferences for birdhouse placement. One bird likes to have its nest at a great height, while the other bird is already satisfied with 2 or 3 meters. It is preferable to fix a birdhouse firmly, preferably on a wall or on a sturdy tree. It is also important to install a birdhouse in a place where it cannot rain and where there is no wind. you should also not install a birdhouse in full sun.

birdhouse clog

Birdhouse in the shape of a clog. The bird houses are made of a wooden clog with a hole for a blue tit. At the top, the clog has a wooden plate so that the birds can breed and shelter undisturbed. The clog has a size of approximately 30 cm and is available in both a sanded and painted version.

Birdhouse in the shape of a Dutch house

What could be better than buying a unique birdhouse at the Dutch clog store in the form of a nostalgic Dutch house. We can supply the birdhouses in 2 versions in the form of an Amsterdam canal house and in a windmill version. We also have 3 models in the shape of a Zaan house in our range. All these products are delivered from stock from our warehouse.

Birdhouse with an engraving, text or logo

What could be better than giving away a wooden clog in the shape of a bird house as a gift or present at a birthday party or as a business gift. We at the Dutch clog shop make bird houses with an engraving of a text of your choice. We can also give the birdhouses a personal touch by means of a LOGO or a name. These bird houses are an ideal promotional gift to give away to your regular customers at the opening of a business or anniversaries.

Birdhouse in the breeding season

These bird houses are an ideal nesting box for blue tits and great tits. Soon the birds will be busy building their annual nest. The best time to hang the birdhouse is in the fall or late February. The birds can then get used to the birdhouse or use it as a winter home until they start breeding in the spring.

But where is the best place to hang your birdhouse? Hang the birdhouse at a height of 2 to 3 meters, preferably with the opening to the east. Make sure the birdhouse is clean. If the birdhouse has spawned, clean it well in the autumn by removing the old nest and rinsing the birdhouses with hot (boiled) water.

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