Birth clogs make a fun and original baby shower gift

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Birth clogs make a fun and original baby shower gift

How nice is it after the birth of a baby on maternity visit to go and bring a nice gift that has not yet been given. Parents often know the fixed tune on maternity gifts and you obviously do not have to participate. These are mostly clothes and cuddly toys, there is nothing wrong with this, although you will have the chance to give something that the new parents already have. By choosing something like birth clogs you are almost certain that the new parents have not yet seen this, unless the parents happen to be clogs collectors. We offer a wide range of birth clogs so that there is a nice pair of nuggets for each baby. You would almost want yourself to be a baby again.

Portable or decorative

Of course, a baby will not walk around on wooden clogs. Yet this is a very nice gift to give. These are clogs that parents can place in the nursery for example. You can have the name and date of birth printed on it and you can also choose a nice picture that fits the baby or something that you are sure the parents will like. Birth clogs are not just a gift that anyone could have given but it shows that you really wanted to give something personal. With the birth clogs in our assortment we also have shoes in the form of clogs. This keeps baby feet nice and warm, which is very important. This is a fun and useful gift that parents will also be able to laugh at. If they do not fit yet they are also very nice in the nursery as decoration, which makes this a perfect gift that will not get in the way.

Prepared for a surprise

Nowadays it happens more and more that parents want to be surprised by the gender of the baby. This means that you do not know in advance whether you should go shopping for a boy or girl. With the birth clogs from our range, this is no problem. Besides the pink and blue clogs we also have clogs in our assortment that are more neutral in color. For example, the bright orange Miffy slippers are a great option if you want to give a gift that keeps the baby feet nice and warm. The yellow piggy bank is also a very nice solution, you can put the name of the baby on it and put the first pennies in it. The birth clogs are also available in, for example, red and dark blue, because there are also parents who are not so fond of baby pink or baby blue accessories.

Giving an original gift is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. Because everyone has access to the internet, the maternity gifts are getting crazier. However, it does not have to be difficult for you to come with an original gift if you choose to give birthsticks. Of course there are also nice packages to put together here. For example, you can think of a big diaper cake with the birth clogs on top of it. This is a real two birds in a blow gift. There is no doubt that when you go on maternity visit, birth clogs are the perfect gift to give. The nicest birth clogs for boys, girls and a surprise you will find here at


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