Pimping wooden clogs

Pimping wooden clogs

Wearing wooden clogs is a lot of fun in itself. If you go outside with it you will certainly attract a few looks. It used to be standard footwear, but that is no longer the case. There are many different options available in all kinds of beautiful colors, which makes it possible to vary. In addition to these standard wooden clogs, it is of course also nice to pimp clogs yourself, giving you a 100% unique look. You make these exactly as you have always wanted and a lot is possible.

Decorate clogs yourself

It may be that you do not see clogs in our range that are the perfect specimen in your eyes. This means you don't have to ignore the wearing of clogs because of the possibility to pimp them yourself. We have unprocessed white clogs, which you can decorate yourself before you wear them. You can paint these clogs, you can stick flowers on them and decorate them completely until they completely match your style. You don't have to settle for a pair of clogs that you don't like if you're a little creative.

The perfect collection

Collecting wooden clogs is a lot of fun and it is a collection that you can always add to. This is because you can get creative with it yourself. You don't always have to go for a large size of clogs for this. There are different types of white wooden clogs that you can pimp. This way you can create a whole collection with all kinds of different pimped clogs in all sizes.

Pimped clogs as a gift

Giving clogs as a gift is very nice and original. Many people do not yet have them at home, which makes this a great idea. You can give standard made clogs or have a name printed on it. Yet this comes across as a standard gift. By pimping clogs and giving this as a gift, you are always sure that your gift is unique. You can fully adjust the clogs to what the receiver likes.

Being economically creative

The Dutch clog store sells craft clogs in different variants. These are second choice clogs that look neat but cannot be worn. They are therefore not suitable for walking but can be used for other purposes. They are made in a Dutch factory. The piece of wood that is used can be unsuitable for making wooden shoes on which you can walk. These irregularities only become visible after the drying process. Then cracks or knots appear. These are more affordable clogs for pimping.


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