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The best Dutch wooden shoes you buy here!

Dutch wooden shoes have always been very popular. Today, there are very many different models when it comes to Dutch wooden shoes. We distinguish in this area, in particular the wooden clogs for adults, but you can also choose for smaller ones for children. Additionally, you can choose to buy Dutch wooden shoes with a logo and special birth clogs can be purchased which is a very nice gift form for a birth. Which wooden shoes you want to buy, if you're looking for genuine Dutch wooden shoes you are no doubt here at The Dutch Clog Shop to the right place! Doubt certainly not hesitate and quickly discover our wide range!

A wide variety of wooden shoes

The Dutch Clog Shop offers its customers an impressively wide range of nice wooden clogs. These are available in many different versions. You can contact us in particular to buy Dutch wooden shoes in different colors. There are wooden shoes can be found in our range which have a yellow or black color, but it goes without saying that you can also buy orange specimens. This orange ones include very interesting to wear during the Dutch King's Day. Anyway it is obvious, if you have a penchant for typical Dutch wooden shoes it is absolutely worth it to explore this range here at The Dutch Clog Shop.

Dutch wooden shoes with logo

A second option that you have here at The Dutch Clog Shop is ordering Dutch wooden shoes with logo. These clogs are available in many different versions. For example, we distinguish the wooden shoes that can fully bear the logo and colors of your favorite football team. What, moreover, however, also thinking of Dutch clogs that you can give to your customers as a gift? It all belongs to the possibilities. If you're looking for a fun, personalized and actually downright unique gift is to choose Dutch wooden shoes with logo definitely recommended!

The best children's wooden shoes

The Dutch Clog Shop offered by our sales are obviously not just for adults. Even children are thrilled to wear these wooden shoes. Just as the adult versions special wooden shoes for children are also available in many different versions. You can also choose for cute kids wooden shoes in the colors yellow, orange, red, blue, black and white. This ensures that there can be bought cute kids wooden shoes for all situations. It should however be clear, when you are not only looking for clogs for adults, but also cute kids clogs want to order before you here at The Dutch Clog Shop undoubtedly the right place!

Buy wooden tulips

There are many shapes on the market today to decorate your home. What do you think if we told you that from now on it is possible to always have the spring feeling at home. Even when it is the middle of winter we can make this happen with the wooden tulips. Do you think this is impossible? Not at all! In our large range we have included beautiful wooden tulips that will look radiant all year round. By buying the wooden tulips you will immediately notice that your interior will look a lot cozier!

Buy wooden tulips for yourself

Wooden tulips are not only for giving them away but they are also ideal as decoration to decorate your own home. Colored wooden tulips in a bouquet make every room a colorful whole. If you buy real tulips and put them in a vase, they are usually wilted after 1 to 2 weeks. But with these wooden tulips you are guaranteed to have no worries at all and they always bloom. Buying wooden tulips ensures that you have a unique piece of decoration that excels in versatility.

Wooden tulips in different designs

Are you convinced of the strong assets that are associated with the versatility of the wooden tulips that we have included in our range and would you like to bring some home? Which can! We have the wooden tulips in many versions, such as a bouquet of wooden tulips in a large and a small version. You can also apply this in a Delft blue vase. All these items can be ordered without any problem here at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel in the most diverse colors. If you are looking to take something with you when you go on holiday, we have wooden tulips in the form of a key ring or a pencil with a tulip on it.

Nice wooden shoes as a business gift

Many people who are looking for promotional gifts can choose to order the standard promotional gifts such as a pen or a lighter. These are the normal business gifts that often end up in a kitchen drawer without any further concern. We have many unique promotional gifts that are really connected to the Netherlands. This is also what we stand for at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel! What about, for example, unique souvenir clogs from our range on which your logo is depicted? We can offer our customers clogs in a number of different shapes. For example, we have clogs available as a key ring, but what about a bottle opener with a clog or a wooden tulip? In which form you want to order the souvenir clogs as a business gift. This is all one of the many possibilities at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel!

Business gifts in different versions

As we have already indicated, our promotional gifts can be bought in the most diverse designs and colors. You can choose to get a normal souvenir clog in your house, but it is also well possible to choose wooden tulips with a logo. As our promotional gifts are also available in different colors. Which options you will ultimately choose depends on your personal preferences. Anyway, when you are looking for promotional gifts? Then look no further and discover the wide range of the most beautiful promotional gifts at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel!


It is described above what we can do for you. We like to do this with a lot of passion and try to treat our customers with satisfaction. If you are looking for wooden tulips, promotional gifts, Dutch souvenirs or wooden shoes, De Hollandse Klompenwinkel is the right place for you!

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