Corsageclogs in the most beautiful colors

Corsageclogs in the most beautiful colors

Adding a Dutch touch to the outfit you wear is always fun. With this you leave to be proud of our beautiful little country. Corsageclogs in the most beautiful colors are a wonderful addition to different clothing and it doesn't really matter what you wear. The small clogs can always be attached by the pin. As soon as you see the different options that we offer you will immediately understand why they can always be combined well. Of course, they fit best with really traditional clothing, which means that real wooden clogs and a farmer's handkerchief are worn. Because of the many options, it is also a really nice collector's item. We offer them with great pride and hope that you will wear them with just as much pride.

A subtle but beautiful accessory

You can wear accessories in a grand and eye-catching way, but you can also choose to keep it subtle. This is also seen, but it distracts less from the whole. Because the corsageclogs are rather small, they will not attract all the attention, but they will still stand out. This is due to the beautiful colors that are available and the small print that must always be viewed closely. Because of the red, white, blue ribbon on which they hang, the corsage is just a bit more striking. An addition does not always have to be large and showy, and the corsage nuggets prove that.

Decorate your corsageclogs yourself

In addition to the available colors and prints that we offer as standard, there are absolutely even more options. If there is no option that fits your outfit perfectly, you can get started yourself. Being creative is fun and it offers the possibility to wear a 100% unique accessory. The clogs are small, which makes decorating quite a challenge and that is what we like about it. You can use different colors and materials, so that you get a very different result every time. Match the clogs with every outfit you have. If you like to wear wooden clogs in addition to corsage clogs, it is very nice to have them matched. This is also possible if you decorate both of these yourself. In addition to the white corsage clogs, you also order the unpainted white wooden clogs. You can paint it or stick it on materials that match it with your corsage.

Complete any outfit

Some days you may not feel like wearing a striking outfit. It may also be that a certain occasion is not really appropriate for that. If you can still add a nice accessory, this will make your clothing look a bit nicer without being immediately showy. Corsage clogs in the most beautiful colors can always be used to complete an outfit. It doesn't matter what day it is, what the weather does or what you wear, corsage nuggets in a beautiful color always make it better.


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