Money box clogs, a fun and original baby shower gift

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Money box clogs, a fun and original baby shower gift

If you go on a maternity visit it is nice to give the new parents a gift that they do not have yet. Clothes and diapers are fun and practical to get but parents get this so much that it is also fun to get something else. Money box clogs make an ideal maternity gift if you really want to surprise and give something that the parents do not yet have. If you choose one original baby shower gift as a money box clogs you can be sure that this gift will not be caught by all the others, the new parents can give them a nice place in the nursery and also use it to save for their little wonder.

Pink, blue or other colors?

Boys love blue and girls find pink beautiful, this was the image that was once. A maternity gift was therefore often adjusted to the sex of the baby. Nowadays this absolutely does not have to be that way anymore. In our assortment piggy bank clogs you will find all kinds of cheerful colors that will look great in a nursery. Even if the sex of the baby is still a surprise you can definitely purchase a nice baby shower gift, so for example the piggy bank clogs with Miffy are very nice.

Give a creative baby shower gift

If you want to give something that is not only original, but that you can bring your own touch to, we have exactly what you are looking for. In our assortment you will find white sanded piggy bank clogs that you can get creative with. You can paint on this and stick things on, which makes the maternity gift really something that nobody else has. What you can also do is give this piggy bank clogs so that the parents can make something beautiful of them, you can go many ways with these white clogs.

Start saving early

A maternity gift is really fun when it has a purpose. Saving is always good to do and starting early can never hurt. If you give piggy banks a gift with perhaps even the first pennies in it, that's a good start. The parents can give them a nice spot and stop every time. So you give a gift that the parents can enjoy for a long time and can use very well. So this is a maternity gift which, besides being fun, also makes sense.

A nice spot in the baby room

Finding a good place for this piggy bank clogs is not difficult. Because they look so nice it does not matter if they hang or stand in sight. The parents can choose whether they want to put down or hang this baby shower gift, because with the moneybox wooden shoes also a hanger with which they can be hung on the wall.

Give a personal baby shower gift

A birth is a very special event in the life of the parents. That date is very special, just like the name they have chosen for their baby. To give a nice souvenir of this, you can personalize the maternity gift. On our piggy banks we can engrave a name and date according to your wishes so that the piggy banks are a beautiful reminder of such a special date. When you have money box clogs engraved and give it as a maternity gift, the parents will undoubtedly be very happy with it.

What kind of piggy bank clogs you are going to give as a maternity gift does not matter, it is a gift that is not often given and is therefore very nice to give and receive. You can choose various variants or create a personal gift yourself. It is a gift that you will certainly not miss the board, it's fun and the new parents can use it well. If you want to give a nice and original baby shower gift, you should definitely consider the moneybox clogs from the assortment of


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