Wooden shoes, trend follower or trendsetter

Wooden shoes, trend follower or trendsetter

His wooden shoes are trendy or they are in the future? Wooden shoes tribes already from antiquity and are still worn in the 21st century. This applies to both the classical and the modern wooden shoes. wooden shoes were formerly made by hand. Today, this is done largely by machine. Only the finish will still hand instead. In some areas it is the workers and peasants walking on wooden shoes. Yet we see more and more people here walk on in and around the house. Ideal during jobs, but also because of the warmth they provide. They are made of wood, which has a good insulating effect. Those wooden shoes runs will therefore not prone to cold feet. And let's be honest: who is not happy with the cheerful clatter of wooden clogs on the floor? Are you considering going to lump themselves or walk to forward this gift? Dutch wooden shoe shop will help you in your choice.

Walkers wooden shoes

Not just anyone can walk on wooden shoes. This requires some practice in the beginning. People who have never walked on wooden shoes will soon lose a wooden shoes. When lifting the foot goes wrong: you lose the wooden shoes. It helps to curve the toe. This prevents slipping or losing the wooden footwear. In the beginning you may have some trouble with the pass. After all, you run on very different footwear than usual. As with shoes is the case they should be run. After some time, you have no more problems and they are comfortable. Many people may not thereafter without clogs. All models in our range are produced with care. You can expect excellent quality.

All models in a row

There are basically two models sold the most. These are the white untreated wooden shoes and yellows painted with traditional motifs. Originally people wore during the week the white wooden shoes and weekends colored, with or without icing. These copies can all back to us. And if you want pure nature, choose especially for the white version untreated. This is not painted or varnished. Keep this in mind when you go with it outside. Moisture or rain can affect the wood. The untreated and sanded wooden shoes are also ideal to paint themselves. Your own name, image or fantasy drawing, a personal wooden shoes specifically for and you made. Of course an original gift for a loved one, family member or close friend. Put bring your own trend.


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