Wooden tulips on the wall, a glittering wall decoration

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Wooden tulips on the wall, a glittering wall decoration

Decorating a house can be a lot of fun and you can do anything with it. Yet it often becomes more difficult when it comes to the walls. Usually only a large painting is hung on it. There is nothing wrong with that, but you could do so much more with this. Especially if you want to decorate your home with a Dutch theme or some nice accessories, we have the perfect product for you in our assortment. You can no longer only put wooden tulips down, but also attach them to the wall. This is done with a wall vase that combines beautifully with the colors of the tulips. Wooden tulips make beautiful wall decorations that you will not see everywhere.

Every boring wall instantly beautiful

An empty wall does not create an atmosphere in the house and can become a real thorn in the eye with time. For this not to happen, you can choose to decorate the walls with tulips in a wall vase. This allows you to decorate even the largest walls beautifully. There are plenty of options available in our assortment to combine with, and you can also make beautiful color combinations to even the large empty walls in your home. You do not have to settle for boring walls in the house where you are not satisfied with it if you can make it much nicer.

Process wooden tulips throughout your home

It is absolutely not the case that wooden tulips can be processed in a wall vase, but in a room of the house. You can use it to decorate your entire home by placing one or more wall vases in different rooms. By processing this in several rooms, your house will become a beautiful entity that will make you really happy. Because these vases are attached to the wall they will never stand in the way and you will not easily fall short of space.

Make your home a colorful whole

Now that spring has started again you will see more and more color appearing outside. This is great to see and makes everyone a lot happier again. Here you can of course also participate by decorating your house with the most colorful wooden tulips. Previously you could only put it somewhere, but with the wall vase you can also attach your wooden tulips to the wall. This allows you to turn your entire house into a colorful whole full of the most beautiful wooden tulips. Enjoy the spring when you come outside, but do not stop here when you walk back into your house.

Cheer up your garden or balcony

Wooden tulips in a wall vase are not only suitable for indoor use. You can use them perfectly to make your garden or balcony look nice. You never have to think about watering these tulips and they will look colorful and vibrant for a long time. The tulips can be hung outside as soon as the weather is nice outside. In the winter or when it rains a lot a lot you can bring in the tulips so that they look as beautiful as possible.

Create beautiful color combinations

Because of the large selection that you have when it comes to the wooden tulips in a wall vase, you can vary enormously. You can attach multiple colors to the wall or alternate between them. That way it will never be boring to look at your walls. You can combine all colors with each other and thus create a unique creation of your walls. Wooden tulips in a wall vase really make the most amazing wall decoration and you will never get bored to look at it.


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