A clog on foot in front of your home

A clog on foot in front of your home

You may have noticed that we have all kinds of clogs in our assortment. These are fun to collect and put in house. Your house will get a really old Dutch touch. A clog on foot is also a very nice variant to put in a house where it is striking. This is a nice product to decorate your home which can also lead to a good conversation about old times. Especially if you are a true lover of old Dutch stuff and have built a large collection in the meantime, the clog on foot can not be missed.

Clogs are not only to wear

The most famous clogs in our range are the wooden clogs that you can wear. Yet these are not the only nice clogs that we have in our range. In addition to these wooden. shoes and all clog souvenirs, we also have the clog on foot that you can put in the house as decoration. He finds a nice spot in your house in all kinds of places. You can put it on the cupboard, give it a nice place with the rest of your clog collection or give it another nice place in the house. Clogs are not only suitable to wear but also as decoration in the house clogs on foot can be very nice.

Decorate the clog on foot

What could be more fun than having a clog on foot where you have made something beautiful yourself. Because the clog on foot is made of unpainted wood you can make the most beautiful creations here. The possibilities are endless when you start working yourself. This way you can build a whole collection of clogs on foot in all kinds of styles. Decorating a clog on foot is very nice and you can always do something else with it, this is also fun to do at children's parties or together with friends. Decorate your clog on foot and give it a beautiful spot in the house.

Stand out without overshadowing

If you have created a nice collection with all kinds of different Dutch products, the clog on foot fits perfectly here. Because of his size he will really stand out, but because of his white wood he will absolutely not overshadow the rest of your collection. The clog on foot will find a nice place between the rest of your stuff and be a perfect addition. With his highest of 26cm you will never miss him between your other collectibles.

A clog on foot looks very nice as it is but you can also do a lot with it to make it truly unique. He will stand out in your house, regardless of the place you give him. Your collection of old Dutch products is not complete without the clog on foot, it stands out and will make the rest of your collection stand out more. Are you going to get creative or just leave it as it is? Everything is possible with a wooden shoe on the foot of dehollandseklompenwinkel.nl.


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