Make your garden complete with a birdhouse

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Make your garden complete with a birdhouse

With a birdhouse attracts birds to your garden. With luck, the birds will nest here. This provides extra cosiness. Unrolling and approaches by the parents and the chirping of young birds brings nature closer. Additionally helps here with the birds. They can produce their young in a safe environment. Some birds even sleep in a birdhouse. With a beautiful birdhouse or nesting box your garden gets extra atmosphere.

What birds pull?

In the country you will be dealing with very different than birds in the garden. In the country are mainly the swallows, sparrows and starlings nesting in a nest box. If you live you will see in a wooded area far nuthatches, wrens or Treecreepers in your garden. The great spotted woodpecker and the owl can pay a visit. The urban garden is inhabited by house sparrows, titmice and swifts. Each bird has its own preference with respect to a bird house. It is therefore important to look carefully what birds you can expect in your area. Here you can adjust the birdhouse, taking into account the size and the fly opening.


The most beautiful bird houses for your garden

The standard birdhouses look not always pretty. For a personal touch, choose a special birdhouse. We were the Dutch Clog Shop not if we do not offer Dutch products. Therefore, we have selected the finest pure Dutch bird houses for you. These are available in the form of a clog, gable, mill or one of the other models. Fun to watch, especially when this is housed in a bird family.


Bird house in the form of a clog

It makes the birds do not really matter how the birdhouse looks from outside. More importantly, it offers enough space and not too small or large air gap. The nesting boxes and bird houses in our range are suitable for the great tit and blue tit, sparrow, swallow, sparrow and robin. The clog as a bird house consists of poplar wood, and is polished smooth. Also, a painted or engraved, execution is possible. These birdhouses contain perches, that's not necessary. This prevents raptors have the opportunity to rob the nest empty.


Original Dutch bird houses

As a proud Dutchman should not be missing in your garden Dutch birdhouse. Our bird houses are available in various designs. How about a Zaandam guard facade house, canal house, gable or Zaanse Schans. Also, the nesting box can be seen in the form of a mill. These birdhouses are beautifully painted and finished in detail. Various birds will be happy to breed here. It is also a pleasure to look at one of these beautiful birdhouses.


We can give you tips on the places of the birdhouse. Hang the playhouse is in a quiet place. Point the opening preferably on the east or northeast, at least not in full sun and the wind. Hang the bird house, preferably in the fall on it. So the birds in particular birdhouse get used and it increases the likelihood that you will be surprised in the spring with a bird family. The Dutch Clog Shop has special and beautiful birdhouses range. For yourself or as a present, everyone is happy.


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