On clogs on vacation

On clogs on vacation

On holiday to the Spanish sun or adventure in South Africa, every vacation is different. Have you ever thought about the type of footwear that you bring? You're not at ease right away, but spending time on holiday is a great deal. Clogs are easy to wear, offer a lot of comfort and are also safe. You are already aware of your clogs: this year you have a very different holiday.

Clogs are approved safety shoes

Of course, you do not spend extensive time on your holiday address. However, it may be useful to protect your feet, for example when setting up the tent or moving the caravan. Did you know that litters were officially recognized as safety shoes in 1997? A reassuring idea, you do not have to worry when you step on something sharp.

Wear the comfort of clogs

On the clogs on vacation, we can definitely recommend it. There is little footwear that is so easy to pull on and pull out. This way you keep the floor of your holiday home, camper or tent clean and you can easily walk outside.

Clogs are made of poplar wood. The wood insulates excellently in winter and keeps the feet warm. In the summer it takes the necessary cooling. In addition, wood absorbs moisture, causing you to get sweaty feet less quickly. Wooden clogs will carry you under any circumstances, in which country you are staying. A stone path or a muddy road, you will always find your way through this contemporary footwear.

Be proud of your descent

The Netherlands is globally associated with clogs. Although this footwear was worn throughout Europe, the Dutch have announced the bunch due to the rich trade in it. The most beautiful clogs are therefore Dutch manufacture, produced with the utmost care. Nowadays this machine is done, but the finish is still done by hand.

Typical Dutch clogs are recognizable by images of a mill, tulips or other decorations. Also the original yellow farmers clogs are very popular, beautifully finished with bies.

Special clogs for a special moment

A vacation means just as much as possible of the daily concerns. You experience peace and relaxation as well as adventure or discovering a new environment. Do you hesitate to spend time on holidays? Of course, thanks to the wide choice of wooden clogs you can endlessly combine with your outfit. Boerenklompen with bies, luxury clogs painted like shoes or special clogs with their own picture, where do you choose? Surprise your family with this footwear, you will find various sizes and images in the assortment. Farming at the farmer, choose for herds with farm animals. Show where you come from, clumps of Delft blue are recognized worldwide.

If you are looking for more comfort, then there is the trip clog. In this case, the wooden section is missing over the upper foot: special straps keep the clogs in place. Trip clogs offer more wearing comfort and reduce the risk of aching feet. Trip clogs are also available in a white-painted variant or in different colors. Having fun on holiday has never been so much fun.


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