Self crafting with clogs

Self crafting with clogs

What's more fun if you're working with a group of friends or friends. Even at a children's party it is very popular to do a little creative. However, the same things are often muted and there is little variation. We offer you the opportunity to do something completely different, something you have probably never done. Have fun with all of them with clogs, decorate these clogs as you like it or let children go their way to decorate them as they like it. You can do this very often and decorate them in a different way so you have a whole collection of decorated trunks. These clogs are specially made to be able to work with and are therefore not suitable for wearing. The clogs used for this purpose are rejected to be worn, so do not use it here. In order not to waste, these garments can be used for creative purposes which, of course, is just as fun. Get dressed and decorate as you like it. Second choice clogs do not have to be discarded but now have a goal.

Decorate with flowers

Of course you can buy clogs with some flowers on it, but what's more fun is, of course, to decorate yourself with flowers. You can do a lot of different things here. For example, you can paint your clogs with beautiful flowers if you can paint well. You can also choose to paint your baskets in a basic color and paste flowers. These can be flowers of paper that you can make yourself, but of course different fake flowers. For the real creation, it is also very nice to have real flowers dry so that they stay long and stick to it. You can process flowers while crafting these clogs in any way you like. These are things you can get started with and trying each other for a while.

As much variation as you like

There are so many flowers that we can not even name them all. As many flowers as there are, so much variation you can apply to your knot clogs and even more by combining of course. You can add the different types of flowers that fit together in color, but you can also paint a few of the same flowers and decorate around with paint. You can not imagine that it's possible because of the many kinds of flowers there. This is great fun for everyone to get started from young to old. Whether you're crazy about roses or daisies, the most beautiful thing does not matter, you can use everything on your own decorated clogs.

craft clogs show off

When you have beautifully adorned your clogs, it is very nice to give them a beautiful place where everyone can admire them. This is fun if you have adorned several pairs of clogs and put them together. You can use a shelf or a beautiful display case. These clogs will bring a little atmosphere to your house and you can proudly showcase this homemade piece of old Dutch nostalgia throughout your visit. You can put some beautiful matching flowers around here to make a beautiful whole of it. To start with, you can order your own craftclogs in the assortment of


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