Wooden tulips in a pottery jar

Wooden tulips in a pottery jar

When we say Netherlands, you say natural clogs, cheese and ... tulips! The Netherlands and tulips are really inextricably linked. Especially during the tulip season, which starts around March, the beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands are not to be missed. Tulips need little care and are therefore very easy to maintain. But we understand that sometimes you do not have any sense or time for that. That's why we have the wooden tulip in a pottery jar. These tulips need no maintenance at all and remain beautiful all year round. Tip: the wooden tulips are therefore very nice to give as a gift.

Is the tulip really Dutch?

The answer to this question is full: no! Maybe this is a bit of a disappointing thought. Because tulips are a national pride in the Netherlands. However, the tulip was only imported from Turkey to the Netherlands in the 16th century. At this time the flower was literally worth gold and they paid big money for tulip bulbs. Since this time, the tulip has become more and more established in the Netherlands and has become a national pride. Nowadays the tulip and the Netherlands are inseparable. We see the tulip not only in the form of a flower bulb or bouquet, but also in drawings, painting and as a wooden tulip in an earthenware pot. The wooden tulip is a lasting memory which makes it fun to give yourself or another gift.

Wooden tulips with a meaning

Did you know that the wooden tulip is available in many beautiful, fresh colors? If you have viewed our assortment, this is probably immediately noticed. But did you also know that almost every color has its own meaning? We mention the most common colors and their meaning for you:

Wooden tulip red: this color stands for love, passion and friendship
Wooden tulip yellow: this color represents the sun and therefore a lot of joy
Wooden tulip white: this color stands for innocence, respect and forgiveness
Wooden tulip pink: this color represents the ultimate happiness and elegance

So if you want to give a wooden tulip in an earthenware gift, you can choose a color that suits the purpose of your gift. Do you know someone who needs a boost? Then of course the yellow tulip is perfect. Do you have something to make? Then the white tulip is perfectly suited for that. Does your person find you very nice or do you want to show love? Then the red or pink tulip is the perfect gift!

A lasting gift

Giving a buoquet of tulips as a gift is of course very nice. Unfortunately, the tulips quickly faded so the recipient has just the pleasure of his or her gift. Would you like to give a tulip as a gift, but one that stays beautiful for a long time? Then choose the wooden tulip in an earthenware pot. These models are, as the name suggests, made of wood. This gives the recipient years of pleasure from your gift! Moreover, the wooden tulip does not require maintenance. The pottery jars are of course just real and let the flower come out even nicer.

Buy a wooden tulip at De Hollands Klompenwinkel

The Dutch clog store is the shop for real Dutch clogs in various shapes and sizes. But we have more! Our assortment actually consists of various Oer-Holland products and souvenirs. These are very nice to buy for yourself, but also nice to give as a gift. The wooden tulip in pottery jar is also such a nice gift idea. We can even pack them for you so that the surprise is complete. Our assortment of wooden tulips consists of various fun and cheerful colors. The earthenware jars always have the same color. Order now your wooden tulip in pottery pot at De Hollands Klompenwinkel and surprise yourself or another with a nice gift.


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