Carry farmers handkerchief with tie souvenir clog

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Carry farmers handkerchief with tie souvenir clog

A real Dutch look is not complete without a farmer's handkerchief with a tie souvenirs clog. Of course that does not mean that this always looks the same. There are many variations to make it fun to wear this even every day. Of course, this is only done by most people on certain occasions such as carnival. A peasant handkerchief with tie souvenirs clog is worn around the neck and the souvenirs clog ensures that the handkerchief does not have to be knotted. This is because you thread through the hole so that the ends stay together. Of course, these handkerchiefs are worn in many more ways and used as only around the neck.

Which tie chain to choose

To keep the peasant handkerchief around the neck, a tie souvenirs clog is often used. Here is a hole in which the ends of the handkerchief are inserted. It is not only an efficient way to use tet but also looks very nice. There are many different options to choose from that allow you to collect and alternate between them. Node souvenirs clogs are available in different colors and with various prints. For example, you can have it matched with the clogs on your feet. Every time you wear a peasant handkerchief you will have to choose a tie souvenirs clog for that day but choosing between all the fun options is almost impossible.

Farmers handkerchiefs in different colors

To make things even more interesting, the handkerchiefs are available in different colors. This makes them easier to combine with traditional costumes and wearing is more fun with variety. The red version is also available in an extra large version which is therefore easier to wear if you have a wider neck. Blue and red are colors that combine very easily and are good for most people. These farmers' handkerchiefs, except with a tie souvenirs clog around the neck, can be used in many more ways, such as on the head or just to blow your nose.

Every Dutch outfit complete

There are certain occasions such as carnival where it is extra fun to dress traditional Dutch with everything that goes with it. So also the peasant handkerchief with a tie souvenirs clog. You can put on everything but without it the clothes are not really complete. The nice thing about this is that changing the souvenirs clog can make a world of difference in clothing. So you can keep it completely neutral with sanded tie souvenirs clogs but you can also choose a nice color such as yellow or red.

Farmers handkerchief with tie souvenirs clog online

The easy way to order a tie souvenirs clog and farmers handkerchief online is that you get to see a large assortment in an orderly manner. The options are easy to view and once in the shopping basket you can immediately see what you are losing. You do not have to leave the door for the best options. You order and we make sure that your farmers handkerchief with a nuggle of your choice will arrive at your home as quickly as possible. offers many options so that you can enjoy traditional Dutch dressings


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