Decorate and sharpen your pencils with the best clogs

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Decorate and sharpen your pencils with the best clogs

We have something in our range which is not only fun for children but also very nice for adults. For a child, there is nothing more fun than nice drawing with a fantastic pencil shoe and for an adult making a shopping list suddenly becomes a lot more fun. They are available in all kinds of variants so that you can use a different fun shoe every time you want to write. The diversity is great so everyone in the family can choose their own variant. In any case, a child will no longer easily suffer from a rolling pencil.

The different Souvenirsclogs

In our assortment clogs we have many different options. This is also the case with our pencil clogs. The colors and prints of the souvenirsclogs are all different. So you can purchase a nice souvenirsclog with Miffy for the little ones and for yourself you can choose the best. If you can not choose that is of course no problem, it is a very nice collector's item. Can you imagine how nice it is when there are pencils with a souvenirsclog together in a tray, a desk or table looks a lot happier.

A matching sharpener

Our assortment does not stop at these cute pencil souvenirsclogs. Sometimes it is necessary to sharpen the tip of your pencil and of course you want to do this with a nice wooden shoe. Also the pencil sharpeners in the form of a clog can be obtained in different versions. You can then opt for a sharpener clog that matches your pencil clog, but of course you can also choose a completely different version. The pencil sharpeners are available separately or with a set of leather pencils.

Give a nice gift

A pencil clog and cloggun sharpener are not only fun to buy for in your own home. It is also a very nice gift to give, especially when it comes to a little something. You can then put together a nice set with matching products. This is a very nice present for the other to get and we can almost guarantee that the other has not yet. You can then match this gift to the favorite color of the other. It is never fun to give a present which is then put aside and no one cares about it, but that will not be the case with a nice gift like this.

Pencil souvenirsclogs are very nice to have and collect. It is such a product that does not cost much and where many nice variants are available. Besides fun, the clogs also have a function that is useful for everyone. Pencils often roll away after which they disappear under a bench or you can crawl under the table to find the pencil. If this is difficult, the pencil is often left lying down. Pencil souvenirsclogs prevent this small yet annoying problem. Because you place the clog on the back of a pencil, it will not be able to roll away. This prevents you from doing a lot of searching.

Do you also want a nice pencil souvenirsclog and perhaps a matching cymbal pencil sharpener, then you have come to the right place. Because you have many options to choose from, it is very nice to choose one that suits you. Take a look at all the fun clogs at your leisure and order the ones you can use to write or draw with a smile on your face. Order your pencil clogs and pencil sharpeners at


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