New! Printing clogs with white texts and logos

New! Printing clogs with white texts and logos

Printing clogs is nothing new for us. In fact, we have already made many customers happy with a few personalized clogs. Clogs with their own logo and / or text are actually also one of the nicest products from our webshop. We see original works of art passing through where customers really use their creativity. Every product has its own personal story. A story that we translate into images and texts that we put on the clogs. The colors are very important for the message to come across well. That is why we have expanded our color palette with the color white. This neutral, fresh color is very nice on dark wooden shoes.

Printing clogs with white logos

Wooden clogs with logo are very nice to give as a gift. There are plenty of times when you can give them. For example when someone starts their own company, has reached a milestone or when you have to say goodbye to your colleagues. They are also very nice to give as a promotional gift. Thanks to our new color, the logos are now even more beautiful. Especially on a dark color, a white logo stands out immediately! Our clogs can be ordered in different colors such as yellow, red and blue. A striking color in combination with a white print is of course very cool! Wooden clogs with a white logo are also really lasting gifts. The recipient will put down or even use your donation in a fun way. Of course it is also lawful to buy these models for yourself!

Print clogs with white text

In addition to the wooden clogs, the wooden clogs with texts are also very nice. Moreover, you can certainly also lose your creativity with these models. We regularly see clogs with a name. Very convenient, of course! Because you never lose them. But you can also opt for a personal text. For example birthday and congratulations or a funny nickname. These clogs can also be ordered in different colors, naturally also in combination with a white text. The white letters contrast nicely with the dark color, making the text even more striking. Are you looking for an original and lasting gift? Then have your clogs printed with a white text.

Inspiration ideas for printing your clogs

Besides a standard company logo or names and congratulations, there are of course many other ideas to personalize clogs. Do you know someone who is completely away from a certain football club, a band or a car brand? Order clogs with the logo of that club. With our new white color, there are countless possibilities to personalize clogs. For example, a photo also belongs to these possibilities. A nicer and more personal gift hardly exists. You notice that a lot is possible. Personalized clogs are therefore certainly a personal and lasting gift for every occasion. For example, a birthday, wedding or special days such as father's and mother's day.

Order clogs with white text or logo at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel

The clogs with white text or logo are very easy to order online. You have the choice of different colors. This also allows you, for example, to choose the colors of your company logo. Is your color not listed? Then you can always submit an application to us. After you have ordered the clogs online you can mail the logo to us. We will immediately start working for you. The clogs are provided with the color, text or logo of your choice. Then we paint them so that they stay beautiful for a long time. Your gift from De Hollands Klompenwinkel is ready! We wish you lots of fun with it!


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