Original Dutch promotional gifts

Original Dutch promotional gifts

Giving a promotional gift is very nice and can, for example, improve business relationships. The presents are available in all shapes and sizes, making it different to give every time. For example, you can assume different occasions and the kind of relationship you have with someone for choosing a promotional gift. We will of course be happy to tell you everything about giving this and what your options are. That way, you don't have to think about it much longer what a nice promotional gift is.

A small recognizable gift

When giving a promotional gift it is not always important that it is large or expensive. Sometimes a small present is in place without having to make a big budget for it. We have perfect little presents that are nice to give. Think of a key ring with a small lump on it. You can also have this personalized so that it is immediately visible that it comes from you. You can also give a wooden tulip as a gift. This is on a base where you can again print your logo. There are even more nice small promotional gifts that are typically Dutch. You can have many products personalized with us, making it a nice reminder of you or your company.

Give tulips in a vase

In addition to the small presents, there are of course also some larger options. You give this, for example, on an anniversary. Tulips in a vase are a good example of this. It is a beautiful gift that will always look good. You can have the vase personalized with your logo so that years later it can still be seen from whom the promotional gift has come. Standard bunches of flowers are very often given just like a bottle of wine. Yet nothing surpasses the real original promotional gifts that we have in our range.

A special gift

Giving a promotional gift can be very difficult. Certainly if you want to be original every time, it is unwise. Certainly if people have many business relationships, they may have seen many kinds of gifts. It is then time to really do the original. You can think of a money box in the shape of a clog. You can have your company's logo printed on this. The other person will probably not have the clog birdhouse hanging in the garden. These are original Dutch promotional gifts with which you can really surprise the other.

Put together a set

In addition to giving individual promotional gifts, you can also make packages from them. You hereby combine various fun Dutch products. This allows you to give a truly original Dutch promotional gift. Think for example of making a basket with a tulip on foot, magnetic clogs, a bottle opener and a key ring. What could be nicer than a basket full of original Dutch promotional gifts.

Why choose an original Dutch promotional gift?

Very often gifts are exchanged between companies that this is not special in itself. Yet you can distinguish yourself as a company by choosing something else. By making it a habit to give Dutch gifts, other companies will already think of you when they see this. Even if you don't put your logo on it, others can recognize you. Of course our gifts are given by several companies, but it is certainly not as common as wine or flowers.


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