The summer is over, the clogslipper season starts!

The summer is over, the clogslipper season starts!

Many people are sorry that summer is over. It's getting colder, the leaves are falling from the trees and it's getting darker real fast. Autumn is coming and despite the things many people see at autumn as disadvantages, we see this as a benefit. The clogslipper season almost has begun, you can sit on the couch with a cup of hot tea and your warm feet will thank you that you own slippers. You will wear them with a lot of comfort as they will not only keep your feet warm but also keep them comfortable . Being able to wear these amazing slippers to keep your feet warm is a big advantage in the colder weather.

For everyone a fitting pair of slippers

Clogslippers are there and are of many kinds that there is something for everyones  taste. Different colors, with windmills or cows, whatever you like no matter what we have it for you. There is one thing that is certain and that is, all of these slippers will keep your feet warm during the cold months. This way you can also comfortably meet the cold months. Even if you do not have much to spend, you can buy some clogs for a fair price , we also have woodendhoes of the same good quality in the sale. You then have the same quality and warm feet but then for less money.

Top quality slippers

They walk through the soft sole, you will never want to pull them out unless it really  matters. Nevertheless, slippers can sometimes cause sweaty feet through the warm inside and cause an unpleasant odor. This is not a problem with clog slippers as they are washable by laundry. That way, they always smell  as if you just bought them. A very big advantage of these slippers is that they are not slippery when walking in your home. Many slippers run and  slide in your house and this can be dangerous. That's why we offer clogs with anti-slip soles for good grip on the ground. This reduces the chance of slipping and makes these slippers a lot better than others.

Looking forward to the colder days

From now on you will no longer have to dread the cold days and the cold feet you may have ever had are now gone. In the future, if you come on home a cold day, change your shoes for your own clogs and then you'll have nice warm feet in the shortest  time. You may even want to look a little out on some colder days  because you know your clogs are ready in your closet to be worn . It will be a great joy to walk around on your clown slippers on colder days.


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