the wooden clog as a souvenir

the wooden clog as a souvenir

A wooden clog worn since the Middle Ages in many parts of Europe. In the Netherlands, mainly the workers and peasants who like to walk here. A wooden clog provides adequate protection during the work, in addition, keep the feet warm with a wooden clog.

Wooden Clogs are among the traditional Dutch costumes. Although they are still worn by farmers, the Wooden clog  is also very popular as souvenirs. Many tourists buy the wooden clog as a memento of the Netherlands. In addition, the lump is a gift for foreign business relations, but also to present to employees.

The wooden clog

In the Netherlands wooden shoes mainly made of willow or poplar. Where formerly done by hand, the wooden shoe is now made by machine. Just finishing is still done by hand. Previously ran the farmers and workers through the week on unpainted or white lacquered wooden shoes, also the yellow wooden shoe has seen a lot. The brightly painted wooden shoe was saved for Sunday. The yellow and white wooden shoes are still widely sold as souvenirs, original gift or wear wooden shoes.

Besides the big bear woode clog is also wooden clog keychain, magnet or birth wooden clog. Lovers of Holland articles appreciate a gift with themed wooden clog sure.

Many possibilities with the wooden clogs

Around the theme wooden clogs there is plenty available. It's getting used to, but walking on wooden clogs offers many advantages. This wooden footwear has a high insulation value. In winter, always keeping feet warm while you get sweaty feet not suffer in the summer. In addition, the wooden clog is a safe work shoe. DIY and gardening in or around the home, the feet are well protected. Farmers like to wear wooden clogs because of the ease of use: easy to put on and off. Wear wooden clogs are available in the traditional colors or in a trendy color. Also an image or logo is possible. In addition, you can choose a wooden clog with windmill, Delftware or voc wooden clogs. Whatever you choose, the carrying wooden clog is always a quality as we know it in the Netherlands.

Birth wooden clogs are small clogs in a pink, blue or another color. This wooden clog may be provided with the name and date of birth of the child. This is a very original baby shower gift. The special wooden clog is available in different sizes for toddler or preschool. Also, a smaller wooden clog is possible. The birth wooden clog is a keepsake for life.

A wooden clog as a gift

Give a gift something different, give a wooden clog. As promotional souvenir wooden clogs are very popular. The Netherlands is a trading nation par excellence, it is important to maintain good contacts with foreign business partners. The tires are reinforced with a beautiful Dutch gift: wooden clogs. Employees are happy with a gift homegrown.

The wooden clog keeps your feet warm, why not alternate the wear wooden clogs with wooden shoes? Something to wear with pride: original slippers for the cooler months. These come in different colors, designs and sizes available for both adults and children. Obviously, this warm and soft wooden clog non-slip sole, safe for use indoors. 

A wedding, anniversary or birthday: wooden clogs with you in all directions. Let paint a wooden clog, choose a photo or a traditional painting. The wooden clog is fun to collect, receive a gift or to give someone.


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