woodenshoes with name

woodenshoes with name

Tulips, cheese and windmills we all find Hollands. But the most recognizable and yet remain Dutch wooden clogs. Blank or traditional painted yellow, with or without a Dutch windmill on it. It's actually not even that long ago that our grandfathers and mothers walked out. A gift in the form of a woodenshoe is therefore always a nice nod to the past. And a particularly good occasion to once again talk about the past with grandparents. Woodenshoes with his name on it a success in every age category.


Give woodenshoes with a name as a birth gift

Are you looking for an original birth gift? Consider a few woodenshoes with the name and date of birth of the newborn baby it. That found the parents definitely nice to get. You see: bibs, onesies and pacifiers the new parents have already abound. Woodenshoes with the name and date of birth of their little one on it, are a permanent but also an original gift. We bet you're the only gift with an original if you choose woodenshoes with baby's name on it?

Toddlers find woodenshoes with name also fun!

Small children love anything that is new, very exciting. A birthday is the pinnacle of power. Long in advance toddlers look forward to it. With each gift that they can unpack, the voltage increases again. The disappointment as they get something they already have, is often large. And now you say yourself: why would your nephew, niece, neighbor's or neighbor for his or her birthday display a stuffed animal? A woodenshoes with their name on it will not be a real surprise. Small children can read their own name sometimes. That is why they find it so nice to get a gift with their name on it. That is always a gift that no one else has. Especially when it is a few woodenshoes that are painted on the year in the favorite color.

woodenshoes name for preschoolers

Preschoolers are enterprising and like to try everything out. Bet that little your woodenshoes with his or her name on it immediately tries? Woodenshoes with the child's name on it or one of his or her favorite farm animals on each anniversary a success. The result is that all the children present at the party, also want to try out the woodenshoes. To the delight of the family, of course. This provides many fun photo moments. And think how nice the grandparents will find it.

Several children's woodenshoes with a name

Children's woodenshoes are available in many different finishes: natural wood, yellow farmers woodenshoes, orange with the Dutch lion on red with hearts, blue with stars, orange with dots, black / white with cow spots motif and blue children's woodenshoes with the Frisian flag on it are popular . There are also children's woodenshoes with a horse, dog, cat or farm animal on it. there is to devise a children nugget name for any occasion.

Not only for children but also for adults

Even adults like to get woodenshoes with their name on it. And there really is always an occasion for a birthday, an anniversary, an anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas, a new job in achieving a degree and so on. The nice woodenshoes is that they are good for borrow there to do something. Something that takes the year particularly tasty, for example sweets, tea or coffee, chocolate or what about soap? Woodenshoes name for adults are fun to give and very nice to get.


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