The Dutch wooden puzzle

The Dutch wooden puzzle

Puzzling is as old as humanity exists, primitive man made it a game to match stones and shards together. The first puzzle is from the 18th century. During that period the puzzle meant to teach children. The wooden puzzle has the same objective, children learn playfully develop their motor skills and memory.

Dutch wooden puzzle features authentic Dutch images. A wooden puzzle for the young child, available in different versions.

Learning and playing with puzzle

A puzzle is part of the development material. Both at school and at home, the child learns a lot by making a puzzle. The wooden puzzle enhances spatial awareness or the orientation. In addition, the child is working on fine motor skills, concentration and thinking.

A Dutch wooden puzzle is a fun and educational gift for the young child. Thanks to the material, this toy is resistant to rough handling. Wooden puzzles are often the first puzzles in which the child begins. The puzzle pieces are fitted with studs, so the child has a better grip. The wooden puzzle board consists of eight pieces, suitable for children aged 1 to 3 years old. When the child once it is mastered, it can be switched to a puzzle with several pieces.

Give a Dutch wooden puzzle gift

At Dutch Clog Shop features original wooden puzzles with Dutch pictures. This teaches the child not only to develop his skills, learns everything about Dutch traditions. Dutch wooden puzzle is a nice gift for your child, but also for a child to live in the Netherlands from abroad. It is also an original gift for a nursery, playgroup or childminder.

Dutch nationals abroad to live often lack the typical Dutch products. Surprise them and their children with a Dutch wooden puzzle. This is recognizable images such as clogs, traditional costumes and mills. The canal house, bike or tulip adorn the wooden puzzle board.

Wooden puzzle with numbers

Learning to tell time is a process of years, most children are struggling. A four-year-old has no sense of time, but learn the difference between day and night and morning and evening. Yet it is important to have already started at this age clockwise. The wooden puzzle with numbers is a nice start to learn later time. This wooden jigsaw puzzle is provided with removable pieces 12, provided with studs. The hands can really run, so the child learns playfully time. Children from 6 years old to learn the time from school, thanks to the Dutch wooden puzzle they have an advantage. These puzzle with a couple in traditional costume, is available from the Dutch clog shop.

puzzle in 3D

One from Holland and loves a challenge, this takes the 3D puzzle. This puzzle in the shape of a windmill consists of 20 pieces. More difficult than the jigsaw, but a real challenge. The puzzle is suitable for different ages and is a great gift for a birthday, communion, a holiday or special occasion. In addition, the 3D puzzle windmill is an original gift for foreign business partners or employees. All wooden puzzles can be found in the collection of the Dutch wooden shoe shop.


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