Clog slippers

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Clog slippers, downright unique slippers

A unique part of the assortment here at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel is our selection of clog slippers. As the name suggests, these slippers have the shape of a clog. Many people appreciate this unique appearance. When you choose to bring one of our clog slippers, you will find that these are not only very comfortable, they are also provided with a non-slip layer on the bottom. This layer ensures that you will not just slip. Clog slippers or they are also called home slippers. It can't really be more Dutch. They are wonderfully warm, they also look nice and what's most important, they are also super comfortable. In addition, the price is also very attractive. For a small amount you have an article with a large end result. The long-awaited warm feet wrapped in a beautiful nostalgic covering, namely the clog slippers. It may be obvious, would you also like to bring in new slippers that are not only comfortable, but also safe and also look good? Look no further and order one of the clog slippers from the range here at The Dutch Clog Shop!

clog slippers wash in the washing machine

Everyone knows it, when you buy new clog slippers and walk around with them for a long time in the house, you will find that they soon look so fresh. The purchase of clog slippers ensures that this problem will never arise. These clog slippers can easily be washed in the washing machine at a low temperature of 30 degrees. This way they always retain their original appearance. Optimal hygiene is not only crucial for adults, but also for the little ones in particular.

Clog slippers in various designs

When you are looking for clog slippers you will notice that you can choose from an incredibly wide and diverse assortment. It is therefore possible here at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel not only to choose normal clog slippers Holland, but you can also opt for clog slippers in red with a drawing of a mill. As you have already read, clog slippers cannot be purchased exclusively for adults, but can also be ordered for children and babies. For the youngest we also have orange like clog slippers in our assortment. These not only look cute, but also always ensure excellent comfort and excellent safety. The Dutch Clog Shop has a wide range of clog slippers, these are also called clog slippers. Our wide range consists of the classic yellow clog slippers, Souvenirs clog slippers with Dutch windmills. These are available in many colors and are equipped with a windmill and the most beautiful colored flowers. There are also clog slippers with a Dutch or Amsterdam print. We have special blue or pink baby clog slippers for the smallest feet. Ideal as a maternity gift and super cute to see. The texts 'I love mama' and 'I love dad' are embroidered on this.

Clog slippers with carnival.

If you cannot walk on real wooden shoes, these clog slippers are a good alternative. They have the shape of real clogs but are a lot softer so that you will certainly not get any pain in your feet. When you join a parade and it is a cold day, our clog slippers have an additional advantage. After all, they keep your feet nice and warm. You can also wear them over shoes. When you buy a few sizes larger, this is no problem. At carnival our yellow clog slippers are excellent choices but the clog slipper  with cow spots are also extremely suitable to wear with carnival

clog slippers with embroidered text

Are you looking for a personalized gift? These clog slippers with an embroidered text are a nice alternative to the standard gifts such as clogs with name or a birdhouse with an engraved text. You can put your own text on the clog slippers, which results in unique clog slippers, of which you are the only one walking around with them. These clog slippers are made especially for you and you will understand that they cannot be returned. The text is applied on the back of the clog slipper and there is only a limited space on which to embroider. Because of this the size of the text can vary but we will always try to put the maximum size on the shoe slippers. Often you have to order a minimum number of these clog slippers with embroidered text because the start-up costs are often high. We have a contract with an embroidery workshop that can also give us a name on a single clog slipper. The names are also often applied with the help of a sticker that is made by means of heat, but we value quality very highly, so we only supply a pair of clog slippers with embroidery applied. It is also possible to put a logo on the clog slippers. For this we always make a quotation per request because a logo often contains much more embossed stitches, which makes it a little more expensive. A logo is also often applied to a badge before it is sewn on the clog slippers. Often we can deliver the name within 2 to 3 days because with us the lines are very short, we only need a small production time.

Order one of our clog slippers now!

The Netherlands has the nickname "cold little country". We owe this name to the wet weather and sometimes very cold periods. In the winter the temperature can drop considerably and you can get cold feet. Fortunately we have the ultimate solution for this. Are you looking for new slippers or are you looking for nice warm shoes that your children can walk around in the house? In these cases you cannot ignore our clog slippers. This type of slippers is known for having the appearance of real clog and that they are available in many different colors. Anyway, would you like to get really nice clog slippers in the house that not only look great, but that also realize a unique comfort? Look no further and choose today to buy one of the various clog slippers from the range here at The Dutch Clog Store.


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