Wooden tulips in a vase in different colors

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Wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase

Beautiful bouquets wooden tulips in a delft blue vase at an affordable price. The wooden tulips are made of beech wood. Wooden tulips are created automatically in a Dutch factory. When the machines are being carefully sanded and assesses the quality. Only the wooden tulips of the highest quality are hand painted in different shades of oil paint. The beautiful wooden tulips are painted in a beautiful glossy transparent varnish. A bouquet consists of 9 wooden tulips and comes in a luxurious Delft blue vase. Overall a beautiful Dutch memento to do someone a gift. The wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase have 2 sizes in our range. You can choose from Wooden tulips of 34 cm or 20 cm. Each product includes a matching Delft blue vase with an image of a windmill and the most beautiful flowers.

Buying wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase at a competitive price.

Today, they are very many different forms of decoration materials can be found on the market. What do you think of it as we could tell you that it is always possible to make in your home to have a bit of the feeling of spring, even in the heart of our cold winters? We believes that this is impossible? This is definitely not the case! In our offer at The Dutch Clog Shop are namely beautiful wooden tulips reflected by radiant look like throughout the year. Due to the Dutch Clog Shop to buy this wooden tulips will you immediately notice that your device is quite a lot more comfortable will look out!

Wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase

Buy wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase ensures immediately that you have a unique decoration features which extremely excels in versatility. It is of course possible for this wooden tulips as a stop gorgeous bouquet in a nice Delft blue vase, but besides this Dutch wooden tulips is also well into its own as one piece in a glass bottle. In addition to wooden tulips in a delft it should also be said blue vase buy is interesting not only for yourself, but what would you think of it as a present this wooden tulips to family or friends? If you buy a bouquet of field flowers, they will often be good after the short term for the garbage bin. This is obviously a waste of your hard earned money. Moreover, it seems than for the recipient of this gift as if there never was a gift. By wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase to buy you ensure that the gift recipient is always reminded of your beautiful gift. If you think a ceramic Delft blue vase is too great a risk to take with you in connection with breakage, we have a nice alternative. We have included wooden vase in our range in 3 colors. Here you can apply the small wooden tulips in the eleven colors. A nice combination of multiple colors is also possible. You can make the choice yourself according to your wishes.

Beautiful decoration for garden and living room

Buying wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase is interesting for people who are looking for nice decoration material to place not only in their garden, but also for example in the living room. Many people love a fun, lively and most colorful garden, but how do you ensure that this will remain so during the winter. By buying wooden tulips can always solve this problem once and. Wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase are not only available in numerous diverse brilliant colors, while they could without any problem throughout the year stand out. If your flowers are not in bloom and your garden looks desolate, these wooden tulips from the assortment of Dutch Clog Shop it efficiently to change that! When you receive many foreign guests in a hotel or guest house, the wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase are ideal for dressing the lodge or dining room.

Wooden tulips with a logo or print

If you want to give the wooden tulips a personal touch, we can do this for you. We offer you the opportunity to personalize these wooden tulips with a text or your company logo. Can be applied to the tulip and printed in the form of a text or a company logo. We can also do this on the top of the wooden tulip. After applying your logo or text on the wooden tulip or leaf, we apply an extra layer of lacquer to give the print a long life. We have various products in our range, such as a wooden tulip on a stem or a keychain with a small tulip. It is also possible to provide the wooden tulips on a foot with a beautiful print. We can carry out both large and small wooden tulips with this. Would you prefer to have a text or logo applied to the Delft Blue vase, this is also possible. We make your company logo on the vase after which we heat it in an oven so that the print can no longer be removed. If these products have aroused your interest, you can always contact us if we can realize your wishes. We are happy to assist you to achieve the desired result together.

Buy wooden tulips at the Dutch Clog Shop

Are you convinced of the strengths associated with wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase and would therefore like you choose to bring home some pieces of this? That can at the Dutch Clogs Shop! Wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase order without problem here at The Dutch Clog Shop in the most dazzling colors. This way you can create a very cheerful bouquet that not only in the home but also outside it will cause an incontestable value. Buy wooden tulips? Look no further and order them here at The Dutch Clog Shop!

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