souvenir clogs

Souvenir clogs

Souvenir clogs are very nice to give for example, as a memento of a fun party. Or perhaps you just want your business contacts provide a simple but practical little gift without the need for customization. The choice of souvenir wooden shoes of the offerings here at The Dutch Clog Shop is not only very extensive, well she focuses again on many different audiences. Please remember also to buy souvenirs and have a taste for the unique look that clogs feature? Do not hesitate any longer and order your souvenir clogs still here at The Dutch Clog Shop today!

Souvenir wooden shoes in various designs

Souvenir clogs have appeared over the years in many different versions. So to be here at The Dutch Clog Shop it is today possible to choose from not only fun corkscrews in the form of a wooden shoe, but some are also to think of key chains, handy magnets, piggy banks and even bottle openers? All these various wooden shoes souvenir not only look great, up there they represent also a practical function so they really have not seen may be overlooked. Would you also get one of these various souvenir clogs at home? Order them today still here at The Dutch Clog Shop!

Suitable for all ages

The nice souvenir clogs is that they are suitable not only for adults but also children will undoubtedly great pleasure of experiencing. When your son or daughter just loves wooden shoes example, it is fun to buy a souvenir woodenshoes in the form of a piggy bank. Such a wooden shoe not only looks great, it also offers your child the opportunity to save for something fun. This way you teach your child to save money while also another absolutely not out of place in the nursery. It should therefore be clear that souvenir clogs are not only very nice for adults but also for children!

Souvenir clogs in different sizes and colors

We can supply the small wooden souvenir clogs from our assortment in stock in a size of 5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm and 14cm. They are available in different colors and with different images. They are usually provided with a Dutch windmill and decorated with colorful flowers. If you are creative yourself and want to paint them yourself, it is possible to order them in a sanded version.
The sanded souvenir clogs are also fun to dress up a doll. It is often difficult to find suitable footwear here and these souvenir clogs are ideal for this. If you find the sanded version unsuitable, it is always possible to order them by color. For this we ask a small extra charge, but this makes the picture complete. We can paint them in the standard clog colors

clog pencil as a souvenir

A clog pencil is a nice souvenir to get but nice to give to someone. They are affordable and you can choose from different colors and prints. When you give away a clog pencil as a souvenir, your name will often be mentioned when using this fun souvenir. You can use a pencil with a wooden clog for decoration, but of course you can also use them for what they are made for, just for writing. The clog pencils can also serve as teaching material at a foreign school to easily introduce the small children to our souvenir clogs. Most children who live in a city have of course never heard of this and then this souvenir is a beautiful and educational way to introduce those children to the souvenir clogs. If you have used up the pencil completely and cannot be written with it at all, you can still use it as a nice souvenir clog for decoration material.

You can also combine these most beautiful souvenir clogs with our clog sharpeners. This of course completes your collection. We also offer the possibility to buy a pencil sharpener online with colored pencils. These items are ideal to give away as a gift on a birthday, but you can of course also take them as a nice souvenir to give to children at your holiday address. We have these souvenirs in different colors in stock so you never have to spend long on your order when you place them last minute.

Wooden clog opener as souvenir

What applies to every gift, certainly also applies to our nice souvenir clogs. It is often a question of what people like, but fortunately we have included souvenir clogs in our wide range with something for everyone. There are funny bottle openers in the shape of a clog when you are looking for a typical Dutch souvenir. They still remain one of the most popular souvenirs among foreign guests. As a clog store, we have included a large number of these bottle openers with a wooden souvenir clog as a handle in our range. You are now looking for a wooden clog made of sanded wood to the traditional yellow souvenir with a farmer's print. It is also possible and ordered with an image of a Frisian flag to white clog openers with cow spots. Of course, the souvenir clogs with an image of the most colorful tulips and a Dutch windmill should not be missed. We have various colors in stock in our warehouse. Whether you choose a red one with the text Amsterdam or a white one with a Delft blue windmill, this is no problem for us because we can deliver them from stock very quickly. If you cannot choose from our extensive range, this is not a problem because you can order the clog bottle openers individually, you can take a few of each version with you. This souvenir is also fun to combine with the tulip bottle openers. This completes the collection with a Dutch souvenir.

Your souvenir clogs buy at the best price

Would you like to souvenir clogs like to order? Then it may meanwhile be clear that we in the Dutch Clog Shop you have a lot to offer in this area. As indicated, you can create in us a choice of souvenir wooden shoes that are suitable for both adults and children leaving everyone a very nice souvenir can be found in our offer. In addition. This sounds interesting to you? Do not wait any longer and get your souvenir clogs still in the house today here at The Dutch Clog Shop!

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