Buying wooden tulips

Wooden tulips buy at the best price

There are today to retrieve the particular day, many different types of decorations on the market. What would you think of it we could tell you that it is possible to always have in your home a little bit to have the feeling of spring, even in the middle of winter? Impossible? Absolutely not! The offer here at The Dutch Clog Shop are in fact beautiful wooden tulips reflected by beaming eyes throughout the year. By ordering these wooden tulips will you immediately notice that your home will come out to see quite a lot sweeter!

Small wooden tulips or large wooden tulips?

When it comes to colors and accessories, there is of course everything to choose from when you decide to buy wooden tulips at De hollandse Klompenwinkel. But a first important choice is how big your bouquet should be. With us you choose from the assortment of small wooden tulips, or look around between the large wooden tulips. It just depends on how large you want to make your bouquet. It is also possible to apply the large or small tulips or a magnet or foot.

Buy large wooden tulips?

Also with our large wooden, you can choose to order the wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase. We only have 1 vase in which you can choose from 14 different color variations. Do you go for a solid color of 9 wooden tulips or a mixed bouquet with the most beautiful colors brought together. It is also possible to compile the color of the bouquet of wooden tulips yourself. We ensure that the most beautiful colors of wooden tulips are sent to you in a Dlftsblauwe vase. In our web shop you also have the choice to order a wicker basket with a selection of 50 wooden tulips in the most beautiful natural colors. This wicker basket with its color splendor on wooden tulips is a feast for the eyes. Such a basket full of course does an excellent job of placing decoration on your company in the entrance hall. It is a nice entry for all your guests. But in the living room or kitchen of your home, this wooden basket with wooden tulips will certainly not look out of place.

Want to buy small wooden tulips?

You can choose to buy a bouquet of small wooden tulips. We have these bouquets in 14 different shades, so this alone is a party, with all those wooden tulips in different beautiful colors. When you put them in a wooden vase which are available in 3 colors, you can make it extra fun. It is also possible to put a bouquet in a Delft blue vase. We have these real Delft Blue variants in 3 versions. You can opt for a tall vase or a somewhat rounder slightly lower vase that should be placed against the wall. We also have a ceramic Delft blue clog in our assortment that fits exactly 9 wooden tulips. This Delft blue clog is only suitable for hanging on a wall. All these wooden tulips in whatever version are not only nice to cheer up your house but also very suitable as garden decoration. If you need a souvenir to take with you on holiday, you can always choose to order 1 or 3 wooden tulips on a wooden shoe.

Buy wooden tulips for yourself

The wooden tulips are of course not meant to always give them away. They are also an ideal decoration to brighten up your own home. A bouquet of colored Dutch splendor works well in every room. You can also use the wooden tulip items to decorate the garden or to decorate your balcony. When you put real tulips in a vase, they usually stay beautiful for 1 or 2 weeks, but these garden ornaments can be left outside for years. You are guaranteed to have no worries about these wooden tulip decorations.

Why wooden tulips order?

Wooden tulips buying ensures that you have a unique piece of decorative features that excels in versatility. It is also possible to wooden tulips as a bouquet to stop in a beautiful vase, but in addition it is also fine to her right as one piece in a bottle. In addition, it must be said that wooden tulips buy is interesting not only for yourself, but what would you think of to make this gift to friends or family? When you buy a bouquet of flowers just will not infrequently after a short term have been good for the trash. That of course is a waste of money. Moreover, it seems than the recipient of the gift as if there never was a gift. Wooden tulips purchase ensures that the recipient of the gift is always reminded of your gift.

Beautiful decoration for living room and garden

Wooden tulips purchase is especially interesting for people who are looking for nice decoration not only in their living room, but also for example to place the garden. Many love a fun, lively and most colorful garden, but that is for example, during the winter not so simple. Buying wooden tulips can this problem once and for all solve. Wooden tulips are not only available in numerous diverse colors, in addition they can without any problem throughout the year stand out. Even if your regular flowers just not in bloom and your garden looks desolate wooden tulips from our range that can effectively bring in change!

Buying wooden tulips at the Dutch Clog Shop

Are you convinced of the strengths associated with wooden tulips and wish you therefore like to choose to get some copies at home? Which can! Wooden tulips order without problem here at The Dutch Clog Shop in a variety of colors. This way you can create a very cheerful bouquet which not only inside but also outside the home will provide an incontestable value. Buy wooden tulips? Look no further and order them here at The Dutch Clog Shop!

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