Birth wooden shoes - maternity presents

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Birth wooden shoes as a maternity gift

If you go on a maternity visit, you naturally want to bring a fun and original maternity gift for the brand new mom and dad. Do you still need some inspiration? Then you have come to the right place at the Dutch Clog Shop.

Birth wooden shoes a truly wonderful gift

When you have a birth in the family or in your circle of friends and you are invited to the birth party, for example, it is not always obvious to find a nice gift, on the contrary. Birth nuggets can be the perfect solution. Birth clogs are, as the name suggests, wooden clogs that are specially made to give as a gift for a birth. They are unique because both the name of the child and the date of birth can be displayed on the clogs. Moreover, it goes without saying that birth clogs are available in many different versions, so that they can meet everyone's expectations. Would you also like to get personalized birth clogs at a very interesting price? Then quickly discover the possibilities we have to offer you in this area!

Wide choice of fun birth clogs

The birth clogs that can be found in the range are available in many different designs. For example, you can choose to order the birth clogs in baby blue or baby pink. These are the two most common colors for a boy or girl being born respectively. In addition, it is also possible to opt for cute birth clogs with stars. In any case, they are personalized with the name of the child. Are you interested in such birth wooden shoes, but are the stars not quite what you had in mind? No problem. Hearts are also possible!

A fun and personalized gift

Many parents often receive the same gift at birth. In addition, they also receive gifts that are of no use to them or that they may have already purchased themselves. However, it is always nice for you as a good friend or family member when you can give a gift for the birth that can not only find a place in the house, but which also has an extra, personal touch. These are two characteristics that we can easily attribute to birth lumps. The fact that the name and date of birth of the child will be stated ensures that both the parents and the child itself will attach great importance to it later on. Partly for this reason, birth clogs are really a sublime gift for every birth!

Order birth clogs?

Are you also interested in the unique character that birth clogs have? Would you also like to order a pair? As you have already read, we make it possible to choose from a very diverse range of fun birth clogs so that they will be able to meet all your expectations without any problems. Also order birth clogs? Do not hesitate a moment longer and get them today! 

Personal maternity gift with name

A maternity gift with a name is the most popular maternity gift to give to parents. You can go in all directions with this unique personalized maternity gift. A pair of wooden shoes with the baby's name is guaranteed to be a success. It is also possible to put a photo of the baby or an image of the maternity card on the clogs.

Unique Dutch maternity gift

Baby clothes remain popular as a baby shower gift. Many parents are therefore overloaded with clothes in mini-sizes, where they have grown out and that end up in the closet. It is also sometimes very difficult to estimate the taste of the young parents.

What could be better than a bib with the motif of a farmer's handkerchief. These are specially manufactured for the Dutch Clog Shop and are delivered directly from stock. These bibs can be nicely combined with our birth clogs.

The clog slippers as a maternity gift

You have become acquainted with our wooden clogs that can be provided with your own text and image. But we have more great maternity gifts. At De Hollandse Klompenwinkel you will not only find wooden clogs but also clog slippers  made of fabric. And of course we mean the clog slippers for small children and babies. These models are super fun to see and keep the feet of your baby or child nice and warm. Of course, these maternity gifts are also available in different colors and designs.

De Hollandse Klompenwinkel.

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