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Trays with a Dutch scene

Are you looking for a nice gift in the form of a Tray then you've come to the right place. We have in our collection trays in various sizes. See our luxury trays at attractive prices.

colors trays

The colors are delft  blue and we have a fresh colored version. The trays are made of a plastic melamine and are therefore easy to clean. The trays are very suitable as a nice pad for gifts and presents. This beautiful and richly executed delft blue trays are not only beautiful but very practical for serving a cup of coffee or tea with a tasty treat.

Use of the tray

A tray is a flat rectangular object on which one or more cups of tea, glasses or cup of coffee can be placed. This allows that the waiter or the host them can move over a short distance. From the kitchen to the dining or coffee table and back. According to the etiquette one tray  always should be used, even if you only serves one or two cup of tea which you can easily carry in your hand. Customary carries the tray on the left hand, so you can put the cups or glasses with the right hand on the table.

Trays as a souvenir or as a gift on your holiday

The trays are equipped with a Dutch landscape with a brook and a sailboat and a windmill. We also have a tray with a picture of the Amsterdam canals with the corresponding canal houses. The trays are therefore an ideal souvenir to take with you in your suitcase on vacation. After all the trays do not take much space in your suitcase. The trays are light weight so you do not need to leave it.


If you are looking for a nice souvenir in the form of a tray, you are on the right place. The Dutch Clog Shop offers a wide range of souvenirs with Dutch trays from stock.


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