The red-white wooden tulip is the symbol of Parkinson's disease

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The red-white wooden tulip is the symbol of Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is s very serious illness , especially if you have this or you know someone who has to do with this. It is a disorder of the brain that affects muscle movements due to a lack of dopamine. With this, everyday actions can become very difficult, which affects the whole of life. It is a violent condition that already knows quite a bit about and where large foundations are involved. The symbol of this disease is the red-white tulip, which of course contains a story that is very nice to learn more about.

The story behind the tulip

April 11 and the red-white tulip are both associated with Parkinson's disease. April 11 is World Parkinson's Day, this date was chosen because it was the birthday of the doctor who first recognized and described certain symptoms of this disease. This doctor was named Dr. James Parkinson and this condition is named after him. A symbol was sought in which people would immediately recognize the world Parkinson's Day, a powerful yet beautiful symbol. Because the date of this special day is in the spring, there are many flowers in bloom and so are the tulips. A tulip cultivator has been called in to grow a new tulip that would be in bloom on or around 11 April and could be named after this condition. This became the beautiful red-white tulip as it is now associated with Parkinson's disease .

World Parkinson's Day

Once a year, on 11 April, people who live with Parkinson's disease pay attention. Attention is being paid to this disease in order to get a better understanding of this. This progressive disorder changes lives and that is something that needs to be considered at least once a year. This is a nice date to show, for example, our red-white wooden tulips that you think about this and are working on it.

A tulip that stays beautiful all year round

Parkinson's disease is not something that is only going on in the spring. Throughout the year, the people who have this condition and the people around them notice the consequences. To bring a bit of joy in a way that directly pays tribute to the World Parkinson's Day you can choose to purchase red and white tulips. If you want to enjoy these beautiful tulips all year round, the wooden red and white tulips are a great option. They do not need water to look great all year round.

By purchasing a red-white wooden tulip or a beautiful bunch of it you can express that you are thinking of the people who are dealing with this brain disorder. You can do this on April 11, but you do not have to leave it here. By placing red-white wooden tulips that remain beautiful all year long, you can continue to commemorate the whole year. Order the red-white wooden tulip at and show that you think of people with Parkinson's and their family members.


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