Dutch souvenirs

Dutch souvenirs

With the growing flow of tourists Dutch souvenirs are becoming increasingly popular. Typical gifts are the Dutch clogs, tulips and Delft Blue. Already in the Middle Ages, the first wooden clogs were worn, this time were wooden sandals that protected well against the muddy streets. Later, these sandals were placed in a wooden shoe, which created the current wooden clog. From the 15th century lump made from one piece of wood, bringing the sale. The craft clog makes wooden clogs for workers, peasants as well as Dutch souvenirs. They are not only sold as clogs as well as gift and souvenir clogs.

Tulips are also known souvenirs from the Netherlands. However, the tulip is originally from Turkey, where they were given to a nobleman from Flanders. Through this noble tulip bulbs arrived at an Austrian, who later settled in the Netherlands. One night were stolen his finest tulip bulbs, after which began the diligent tulip trade in the Netherlands.

One of the most famous Dutch souvenirs is Delftware. This is a type of pottery with blue decorations, which originated in the city of Delft. It was in the 16th century the cheaper alternative to the very expensive Chinese porcelain. If traditional souvenir is Delftware not indispensable.


Dutch souvenirs gift giving

Tourists are fond memories of Dutch soil, each year will therefore millions of over the counter. For Dutch emigrants Dutch souvenirs are great fun to get. A gift straight from their homeland, as the heart of the emigrant beat faster.

These gifts are also sent to many relatives and friends who live abroad. It is also an original gift for foreign business partners and new customers. The real Dutch company gives its employees often Holland gifts as Christmas gift or special gift.


Collecting Dutch souvenirs

For all is to find a collection, but gathering Dutch souvenirs is a very special hobby. Some have their homes altogether are full of them, beautiful Dutch products in various forms. Small souvenir wooden shoes, wooden tulips in all colors or a salt and pepper bunch of Delftware, the possibilities are endless. The collection of Dutch souvenirs done by both young and old, it is a challenge to always find the latest gadgets.


special gifts

Tourism in Netherlands is experiencing a significant growth. In 2016 the number of tourists was in the Netherlands grew by 5% compared to 2015. In that year, 15.7 million tourists visited whopping Netherlands. The Dutch landscape is mainly formed over the past 150,000 years and has a rich history. The Netherlands is known for its traditional costumes, the tulip and the mills. These cases we see a lot back in Dutch souvenirs, which are very popular with tourists and business travelers.

More and more Dutch discover the Dutch souvenirs. Thus the birth clogs are hugely popular, beautiful painted wooden shoes with the name and date of birth of the baby. The plant hanger in the form of a clog or any of the birdhouses is a popular souvenir. Makes a lot of gardens and balconies beautifully decorated. Dutch souvenirs are not only suitable for tourists and business travelers, but also as a gift or special gift for a birth or anniversary. There you can come home with.


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