Nice Dutch wooden puzzles

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Nice Dutch wooden puzzles

Playing with a Dutch wooden puzzle is fun and very educational for children. They have a lot to offer here in different areas. It is great for fine motor skills in the first place. The small pieces are picked up by a button and have to be placed in the shape. It is also very good for learning to recognize different forms. Some of our puzzles have a Dutch theme which is of course very nice. On it, for example, wooden shoes, a windmill and tulips are depicted. We also have a wooden puzzle clock for our older children that can be used both as a puzzle and for learning to watch.

Toys that last a really long time

Today, the quality of toys often leaves something to be desired. This is due to the materials used in the production. For example, plastic is not the most sturdy material to give a child. If you then purely look at puzzles, these are usually made of thin cardboard. It does not even have to be played roughly here and the pieces are already distorting. This is not the case with wooden puzzles. Because this is a very durable material, the pieces of your Dutch wooden puzzle will keep their shape well and last a long time.

Wooden puzzles are not just for children

Puzzling is done a lot by children because this is very good for the problem solving ability. That does not mean, however, that adults can not enjoy making a Dutch wooden puzzle. For example, in our assortment we have a 3D puzzle in the form of a mill that offers the necessary challenge even for adults. The nice thing about making a 3D puzzle is that after making it you can get a nice spot in the house where you can show it to everyone.

Puzzles from wood at

Dutch wooden puzzles are great for both children and adults and where can you buy them better than at We have compiled a very nice assortment with fun and educational Dutch wooden puzzles. These fit perfectly with the rest of the offer and should not be missed out of your house if you like Dutch stuff. These puzzles will stay in use for a long time and were passed on from generation to generation. Order a Dutch wooden puzzle and see all young children enjoy and shine when they have solved it.


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