Opening bottles the fun way

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Opening bottles the fun way

Opening a bottle is not necessarily a fun thing to do. Yet you can make this a lot more fun by using a wooden tulip bottle opener. They do exactly what they are made for whilst looking great. If you have one, you will from now on be the one who wants to open all bottles with this. Read on and discover what makes these wooden tulip bottle openers so nice and especially useful to have and use.

Store a wooden tulip bottle opener

You can choose to store the opener in a drawer somewhere in the house. He will not be in the way here, but you can not look at it and enjoy the nice look that he can bring with him. There is a magnet on the back of the tulip that you can also hang it on the fridge. For example, he won't clutter your kitchen counter but he still has a place where you can see him and where he can contribute to the cozy Dutch atmosphere in the house. You can easily grab a wooden tulip bottle opener on the fridge to open a bottle of cold drink.

In all cheerful colors

Do you happen to have a color that you like very much with tulips? Chances are that you will also find this color in our assortment of wooden tulip bottle openers. So you can choose your favorite color to open bottles. You can also choose to save all variants so that you have a nice collection in all available colors. If you also want to use these openers to add a bit of atmosphere to your home, you can purchase several in various colors, you can attach them to the refrigerator, transforming your boring refrigerator into a cheerful and colorful whole at once.

Fun at parties

When you give a party, there are usually many bottles that need to be opened. You can do this with a boring bottle opener but you can also use a great wooden tulip bottle opener. This makes it a lot more fun to open so many bottles. It does not matter if your party has a Dutch theme or not, a wooden tulip bottle opener certainly brings atmosphere with it and you can easily leave it on the table all night without it being an annoyance. If you are afraid to lose it you can also hang it with the aforementioned magnet on the fridge, so you can open all the bottles and you can never forget where you put it ands so you will lose it.

Give a wooden tulip bottle opener as a gift

Are you looking for a nice gift or small present for a certain occasion, then a wooden tulip opener is very nice to give. It is small, does not cost much and is a surprising gift. It is something that someone else can always use and will therefore not end up somewhere in the back of a drawer where he will remain untouched in the upcoming months. If you want to give a more personal gift, you can choose to engrave the wooden tulips bottle opener. This can be a date or a name that makes the gift immediately more personal. You will show that you have thought about this and that time and effort had been put into this great gift.

A wooden tulip bottle opener is great to have. You can use them to open bottles but they also serve as decoration. These cute and colorful tulips look nice and makes sure that it is not bore to open bottles all evening. A wide assortment with the most cheerful wooden tulip bottle openers can be found at


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