Practical clogs

Practical clogs

A combination of the Old Dutch Clog and a solid shoe, which is the shoe clog. Clogs are very popular for centuries. Both in business and private circumstances clogs offer a comfortable fit. Thanks to the sturdy outsole you experience a good grip on the surface. Our clogs are made of PU rubber. This has a high wear resistance and strength. In addition, it is light in weight and is moderately priced.

Clogs shoe for different applications


The shoe clogs are ideal for professional use. Within the agricultural sector, the popular and comfortable shoes. Thanks to the easy entry and exit increases the hygiene within the company. Moreover, the anti-slip self-cleaning. This prevents contamination of other workspaces. This also applies to the nursing sectors, food industry, and the cleaning. Another factor is safety in the workplace a major role. The non-slip sole prevents accidents during working hours. The loose insole is removable and the footpath is an orthopedic formed. It corrects the foot in different places. This may be gone for an extended period of clogs. It prevents health problems caused by wearing the wrong footwear. A safe working environment is the shoe clog indispensable in many industries.



At home you are wearing the shoe clog while gardening, DIY or household activities. This footwear is also known as the garden clog. Shoe clogs are flexible and provide a great convenience. Lightweight shoe clog is very comfortable.



Jolly clogs of excellent quality


Within our product range you can find the Jolly clogs. These are of excellent quality and offer everything you can expect from the professional shoe clog. He is waterproof and suitable for various activities. The Jolly clogs are derived from the old Dutch wooden shoe. The ease of use of the wooden clog is combined with the comfort of the shoe clog. In short, the Jolly clogs are suitable for all situations.



Shoe clogs skin friendly material


The shoe clog PU rubber or polyurethane has many positive attributes. PU rubber is a good and inexpensive alternative to leather. It is also called plastic material. It is wear-resistant and strong and has a high tear resistance. This makes it very suitable as a work shoe. In addition, the clogs are impervious to moisture. The spraying of vehicles, working in the kitchen washing-up or walking on moist soil does not have any influence on the material. Even at low temperatures, it is mechanically strong. This allows clogs also be worn in winter. To stay warm you wear comfortable wool socks or Norwegian.



Shoe clogs polyurethane have high damping capacity. Walking on this footwear feels very pleasant. Moreover, there arise no unpleasant noise. This is ideal in health care or cleaning. Polyurethane is also another skin. Even for people with a latex allergy is to help secure this shoe clog. can generate synthetic fibers irritation reactions in sensitive skin.



Shoe Clogs are easy to maintain. The hydrophobic property makes water does not penetrate to. The insole is removable and washable, the outsole is self-cleaning and requires little maintenance. Shoe clogs can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Convinced of the advantages of our clogs? At the Dutch Clog Shop you will find Dutch quality at competitive prices.


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