Save for a fortune in one of the beautiful piggy bank clogs

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Save for a fortune in one of the beautiful piggy bank clogs

Money box clogs are very nice to have and not only to save money. It is also very nice to save all variants, as there are so many different to be found in our range. If you have a collection of Dutch products, this is something that should not be missed. There are a lot of variations to get in all kinds of colors and with different prints. Save or decorate your house in Dutch style with the beautiful piggy bank clogs from our assortment.

Money box clogs as a gift

It can be difficult to give a nice and original gift on certain occasions. Many things have already been given or are simply not fun for the other to get. A piggy bank is something that someone else does not expect to get, making it a very nice surprise. This gift is useful, since it can be used to start saving for whatever savings goal there is. It can also be put in a nice place in the house and that way it is also a real eye-catcher at home.

Nice savings for a fortune

Saving is not something that is fun for many people. This is why it is so important to make saving as fun as possible. How could it be better if you can throw your change into a clog. When you have several moneybox hangers you can sort the coins, this way it is after a few months a lot easier to count the first part of your wealth. With this way of saving it becomes more fun than it ever was.

Choose or not?

The nice thing with piggy bank clogs is that if you can not choose, this is not necessary at all. There are enough variants that you can take just as well. At the heel is a hanger to hang the wooden shoe with, so you can hang a whole wall with the amazing money box clogs from our assortment. You really do not have to choose between all the fun options if you can choose them all! You can find everything from delft blue to traditional peasant yellow clogs between the piggy bank clogs.

Decorate yourself

For the creative cloggers among us it is of course very nice to decorate a piggy bank yourself. You can do this by choosing the white sanded clog. This is perfect for painting yourself or pasting with anything you like. This is the same idea as when tinkering with clogs only you use the money box clogs. It is best to save money in a piggy bank that you decorated yourself. A nice idea for this is, for example, to use real dried flowers or to decorate to your favorite season.

If you want to save, make this fun by using one or more piggy bank clogs. They look nice in the house and make it fun to throw in money every time. You can put them in a nice place in the house but you can also hang them on the wall with the pendant on the heel. You can choose from many different colors and prints, but of course you do not have to choose one. Take a look at the assortment moneybox clogs at and choose the clog in which the start of your fortune will be saved.


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