Take the nicest souvenirs with you on vacation

Take the nicest souvenirs with you on vacation

Going on holiday is wonderful, but for many people there is a moment of homesickness. This is not a pleasant feeling and it can put a stamp on a holiday. Fortunately, there is everything you can do against homesickness. In this way, some nice Dutch souvenirs can be taken, so that the holiday destination feels like home. In this way you can give every room a bit of Dutch cosiness, so it doesn't feel so far away anymore. It doesn't have to be big or crazy to have an effect on the atmosphere.

What can you take with you on vacation?

Depending on how you go on holiday, it is easy or even more complicated to take Dutch souvenirs with you. Suppose you go on holiday by car in one of our neighboring countries, you can use as much space as you want to fill this up. If you leave by plane it will be a completely different story. You will then pay considerably if your luggage is too heavy and that is something that can be prevented. Then remember to take small things with you such as a clog keychain to your bunch of keys. So always take your way of travel into account when taking along.

Create atmosphere at your vacation address

A hotel room or holiday home is not always attractively decorated. That's why it doesn't feel as cozy as you might want. That is why taking some Dutch souvenirs with you is a very good solution. Consider, for example, a bunch of wooden tulips for on the table or in the windowsill. You can also place a few wooden clogs as decoration or decorate with our beautiful Delft blue souvenirs. This allows you to completely change the atmosphere in a room to how you like it best.

Wear clogs on vacation

The most comfortable and supportive footwear are the traditional Dutch wooden clogs. Other types of clogs also offer a lot of support to your feet. This makes them perfect to wear on vacation. It does not matter whether you are going to camp in nature or if you are going for a walk somewhere to explore the area. These wooden shoes will immediately remind you of home and also bring real atmosphere when you see them on vacation. It is highly recommended to take them with you on vacation.

It doesn't matter where you go and what you will do there. It can be a great holiday where you sometimes miss our cold little country. Souvenirs in Dutch style can help with this and make you feel at home wherever you are. We have many great little souvenirs in our range that you can take with you everywhere. It doesn't have to cost a lot or take up space, with the smallest things you can make a big difference.


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