The eternally nice Delft blue mills

The eternally nice Delft blue mills

If you have looked at our offer, you will probably have noticed the Delft Blue windmills. They are beautiful and have a very special appearance due to the color. If you are a collector of Dutch products or just love Delft Blue then this is a great assortment for you. We would be happy to tell you more about the mills we have so that searching between them becomes easier for you. It is not for nothing that Delft Blue is so popular and we are also completely in love with it. Read on and discover more about this.

Where does Delft blue come from

Although it sounds very Dutch, the name Delftsblauw is inspired by a different culture. In the 16th century Chinese porcelain was first introduced by the Portuguese. This was very expensive to produce and many people could not afford that. That is why an alternative variant was made. Red earthenware was painted with white paint and blue images were applied to it. This looked like Chinese porcelain but it was a lot more affordable. In the beginning it still had a real Eastern look and later more and more Dutch images were made on it.

Collect the different mills

It is very nice to have all the different options for the cute mills. Although these are all Delftware, they do not immediately resemble each other. You can display them on a window sill or in a cupboard. You can also use a number of products in everyday life such as a pepper and salt set or a tealight holder. There are also mills that are purely decorative and you can display them nicely.

Not just mills

Delft blue mills are of course very nice to collect but this is not the only thing we offer in this style. This can make your collection enormously large if you wish. We offer small souvenirs such as the kissing couple but also wooden clogs that you can wear. Delft blue has an authentic look that many people think is beautiful. That is why it is so nice that the range is so diverse. Certainly the usable items are very nice to have. This way you can brighten up daily situations with nice Delft blue details.

Give a Delft blue mill as a gift

A Delft Blue windmill is not only fun to purchase for yourself. In addition, they also make a great present. You can only give a mill if you want to keep it simple but you can also combine it with other things in the same style. This is very nice to give because you can almost be sure that the other person does not have it yet. Especially if you have a guest from abroad, this will be a great memento of their visit to our small countries. A Delft Blue mill makes an unbelievably nice gift to give for different occasions.

View our diverse assortment and see which Delft blue mills you could use. Are you going for a milk jug or are you looking for a new salt and pepper set. Everything you could wish for is available in the form of these cute mills.


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