The most beautiful bird houses

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The most beautiful bird houses

putting up a bird house is something that can really be beautiful sight in your garden. You help the birds and your garden becomes a lot more enjoyable. Certainly if you opt for a beautiful bird house, looking in the garden will be much more fun. You will of course also see more birds if you put the house in the right way. In our assortment you will find many different beautiful bird houses with which you can make your garden a lot cozier. Do you want to offer the birds the possibility to nest in your garden? Then a bird house is something you really need.

Birdhouses in the shape of a clog

For anyone who loves  wearing clogs and decorating, these are the perfect options. These bird houses are immediately recognizable as a wooden shoe and can be used for birds to create a nice nestling sport for birds . Several variants of this are available, with the possibility of having the birdhouse personalized. For example, you can have an engraving made with your name or a date on which you are going to place the house. It is also possible to have a text or logo painted on the bird house, which will really suit you.

Why would you place a bird house?

Placing a bird house in your garden does not only mean what it looks like. You can help the birds that are looking for a place for building a nest . Birds start to lay eggs in the spring and for that time they are already looking for a safe place to do this. A birdhouse offers these birds a safe space to lay the eggs. It is of course very nice for you to see how the birds in the bird house make a real home with small twigs and how they later look for food for their chicks.

put it up in the right way

You can put a beautiful bird house in your garden that makes you think ' looks good and  it will really help those birds'. The appearance of a bird house only makes it more fun for you to watch. Birds themselves do not look at this at all for they simply look for a safe place to rest. This is why it is very important to have a bird house in the right place. By placing it in the right place and in the right direction, the chance is considerably greater for the eggs to hatch into little baby birds in your garden. Place your birdhouse on time, in the spring the eggs are laid and well before that the nest are being build, so make sure you are not too put the bird houses up hanging up.

Beautiful in every garden

The bird houses that you find in our assortment  will look great and will really stand out in your garden. There is a nice variation for everyone's taste. Naturally, you can also decorate your garden with several bird houses depending on the size of your garden. Because of the size and shape of these bird houses it does not matter which you choose, they are all good quality options that really contribute to having a nice garden.

Make it personal

What could be more fun than having a birdhouse that was really made for you personally. So you have something in your garden that you know for sure that no one else has it. You can have this engraved on it or have it painted on it. This can be a name, a date or even the logo of your company. Having your company's logo painted is especially nice if you want to give a nice bird house as a gift to a business relation. For example, your business relationship has a reminder of your cooperation, for example, and it can be used equally to help birds.

A nice gift to give

As you have read above, a bird house with your company logo is a perfect business gift. This allows you to thank or congratulate a business partner on certain occasions. Yet this is not only fun to give on business occasions. It is also a nice gift to give at the birth of a baby, you can engrave the name and date of birth. So there are endless opportunities to think of where you can give a beautiful bird house to someone else.

By placing a nice bird house in your garden, you can kill two birds with one stone. With this you have great decoration for your garden and you help birds find a place for building a nest. There are many beautiful variants available so you will not get tired of it here. View our beautiful feelers and decide which you would like the most in your garden. Enjoy the beautiful view and see how the birds in your garden will find a real home.


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