The most beautiful birdhouses

The most beautiful birdhouses

The Netherlands is the country of bird protection, partly because we are big animal lovers. The most beautiful bird houses are also in gardens, hung on balconies or yards. The location of a nest box is very important, because it determines whether birds like to nest in it. The most beautiful birdhouses strategically hung sites are carefully chosen by birds.

Hanging Birdhouses


A birdhouse or nest box should not hang in direct sunlight and also not in the rain. The best place for a birdhouse or nesting box with the opening towards the east, but south to north is also good. What morningsun at the opening of the birdhouse is greatly appreciated by birds, while the opening in the heat of the day just turned away is the sun. By focusing entrance hole in the northeast, the entrance is well protected from the wind. The nicest birdhouse has a clear flight path without branches that obstruct the route.


The number of birdhouses in the garden


A row of special birdhouses looks nice, but birds prefer some privacy. The great tit and blue tit appreciate it when birdhouses hang at least 3 meters apart. For other species, a minimum distance of 10 meters. If you buy bird houses for sparrows and swallows, you may hang this one again together.

Nesting boxes are hung at about 1.80 meters above the ground. In this way, cats are not. Hang the birdhouse near the terrace, hang it by a minimum of two and a half meters from the ground. The same is true for busy environments including a children's playground or crowded yard.


Traditional Dutch birdhouses


In addition to the standard models, there are many more available birdhouses. The most special and unique bird houses are in the form of a mill, wooden shoe or canal house. These birdhouses are not only fun to hang out in their own garden, they also are often given away as gifts. Dutch immigrants who have lived for years abroad these birdhouses will be received with pleasure. This also applies to foreign business partners or people passing through. The birdhouses are to hang on a wall, but also to put down on a plateau. The latter can at the bird houses in the form of a canal house or windmill.

The traditional Dutch birdhouses do not stick to the entrance hole. You need to make this either himself out, the little stick is unnecessary. Moreover, invites a little stick magpies and jays, that can eat the young birds on. The most beautiful birdhouses have a beautiful design, but absolutely no little stick. As you do the birds with pleasure.


Nice to get and give


A birdhouse or nest box is not only fun for yourself, but also to give a gift for a birthday, anniversary or as a special gift. Many people have no cute birdhouse hanging in their garden. Moreover, the ideal gift for children because they meet in this way with nature that is around. It is even possible to choose a birdhouse with engraving, creating a very personal gift. Companies make the birdhouse with company logo or company name, the ideal gift for regular and new customers. The most beautiful bird houses you are buying for yourself or have someone else, which is the heart of nature.


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