The most beautiful wooden shoes come from Holland

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The most beautiful wooden shoes come from Holland

Like windmills and tulips, the wooden shoes are an icon of the Netherlands. The wooden shoe has a long history that takes us back to the Middle Ages. Until this time, people wore wooden sandals. Later, these were replaced by wooden shoes.

Yet it was not only worn wooden footwear in the Netherlands. When the wooden shoe was introduced, it was carried across Europe. They were mostly farmers and laborers who wore wooden clogs. Because this represented the largest population group, wooden shoes were seen everywhere.

During the week wore the people unpainted wooden clogs. In some areas women gave at the weekend their wooden clogs with ashen white color. This makes the wooden shoe looked nicer, ideal for going to church. Many families wore specially for Sunday painted wooden shoes. For these men were painted black and varnished natural for women. Also a floral pattern was popular among women.


Why the most beautiful wooden shoes come from the Netherlands

It is not entirely clear where thee wooden shoes originally comes from. Suspect that this is Northern France. Why then wooden shoes are associated with Holland? The Netherlands is known for centuries as a trading nation. The Dutch traveled all over the world. Here they brought a variety of commercial products. One of these products was the wooden clog. It is therefore not surprising that other countries thought that the wooden shoe was from the Netherlands. This idea is always linger.


Craftsmanship from Netherlands

That most wooden shoes are being echoed by many from the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, there are only a handful of traditional clog makers. Here, devoted much time and attention to making the clog. The wooden shoe maker makes use of a block of willows wood or poplar wood. Today happens to make a wooden shoe partially machined. The machine displays the outside of the clog form. A further machine processes the inside. Only the finishing is done by hand.

Dutch wooden shoes are known for their unique painting and decoration. The traditional wooden clog is yellow painted and equipped trim. Other wooden clogs are provided with beautiful images, often of tulips and windmills. The industry is increasingly geared to the needs of tourists and consumers. Especially in the Netherlands, we also find a variety of different wooden clogs. Modern wooden clog is painted as a shoe, complete with laces and ornaments that finished in detail.


The best footwear through the ages

The wooden shoes has proven his service as a shoe. Wooden clogs were and still are very suitable for the Dutch waterlogged soil. This is also the reason that farmers nowadays they still wear. Moreover wooden clogs give excellent protection to the foot. Pavers, workers and farmers need not be afraid of a bubbly foot when this gets something. Because the Netherlands is known for its changeable weather, the wooden shoes gives an excellent insulation. In winter, your feet stay warm and cool in summer, that's the advantage of wooden shoes.

Dutch besides a trading nation also very creative. Increasingly diving are trendy wooden clogs on. They are beautifully painted in modern colors. Wooden shoes for in and around the home, but also at work, a party or for every day. These can be found in the Dutch Clog Shop.


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