The nicest maternity gifts

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The nicest maternity gifts

Your niece, girlfriend, sisters or colleague is pregnant! That is of course very nice news. You and the expectant parents can not wait until it finally gets this far. After nine months, the small sprout will finally arrive. A cute little boy or girl. Everyone is of course on a pink or blue cloud and you too want to visit as soon as possible to hold this miracle. But, what do you take on maternity visit? The most obvious gifts are of course clothes. But this is so standard and you also do not know what the expectant parents have already had. We at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel do have some ideas for the best baby gifts. Have you ever thought about birth clogs? Why this is the best gifts you can read further in this blog.

Why birth clogs are so nice

We wrote it before, baby clothes are often given as a birth gift. Clothes are fun but also a bit standard. It is also sometimes very difficult to estimate the taste of the young parents. In addition, small children grow very quickly so that the new clothes are often too small. A nice alternative for baby clothes as a baby shower gift are therefore the birth clogs. Now you might think: a baby has nothing to do with that? That is partly true. Of course, babies can not walk yet. But, wooden shoes are a very nice souvenir. They can be kept until the small child can run. And even then they do not have to be thrown away. Because the wooden shoes are made of wood, they can be stored endlessly. And do you think yourself: maybe you also have a nice item that you received after birth. Such precious memories are really very nice to keep.

Personalized baby shower gift

Giving clogs as a baby shower gift is really fun. This is not only because they later become a precious memory for the baby, but also because of the possibility to personalize them. At De Hollandse Klompenwinkel we offer the possibility to give the wooden shoes a personal touch. First you can choose between different colors. Of course there is pink for the girls and blue for the boys. There are also other colors such as black or clear lacquered wood. You can also enter a text for the left and right foot. This can for example be the name and the date of birth. You also have the possibility to add nice images. This completes the personalized maternity gift!

Get acquainted with the clog slippers

You have now become acquainted with the wooden shoes that can be provided with their own text and image. But we have many more nice baby shower gifts. At De Hollandse Klompenwinkel you will not only find clogs made of wood, but also of fabric. And then of course we mean the clog slipper for children and babies. These models are really super cute to see and keep the baby's feet nice and warm. Of course these maternity gifts are also available in different colors.

Order the nicest maternity gifts

Gifts are not only very nice to get but also very nice to give. You will certainly see the happy faces when you arrive with a maternity gift from De Hollandse Klompenwinkel. The clogs are made of wood in a dutch factory and it is very easy to order online. If your order is in stock, it will be shipped within 1 to 2 days. Enough reason to also have a look around for yourself in our clog store! Our range is there for small children and adults.


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