Wooden clogs with a magnet

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Wooden clogs with a magnet

In our assortment you will find several clogs with magnet. Except that these clogs can be used for practical purposes such as holding papers together, they are also very nice to collect. Because so many different products are available, you can use several without getting bored. For which you can use these clogs with magnet and why these magnets are so nice you can read here. Without a doubt, you will immediately be sold as soon as you see these cute clogs.

Available in different variants

The nice thing about these clogs with magnet is that so many different are available. This makes it a very nice collector's item and you can also use it as a decoration. A refrigerator can only look boring and certainly if you like some decoration that can be a thorn in the eye. With these cute magnetic clogs you can decorate your fridge with all kinds of nice colored clogs with different patterns . All these colors all in your home will make your fridge a lot more colorful and also the storage of papers on a memo board will suddenly look cozy.

Keep paperwork together

Magnetic clogs can not only be used as decoration as you have read. The magnet allows you to use them on a memo board, for example, to keep papers together and to hang up notes. Do you have a shopping list that you can not forget, you can hang it with the clogs with magnet on the fridge. These are therefore clogs that can be very helpful in the home or at work and that also bring a cheerful atmosphere. Replace your boring magnets for these cute clogs with magnets and see how you change your memo board into a cozy Dutch sign.

Provide clogs with a magnet

When you give a gift, it is as fun for the person who gets it as it really is usable. It is no fun for anyone as a gift after a day somewhere where no more is looked at. If you give clogs with a magnet as a gift, the other can certainly do something with this, because it can be used both decorative and practical. It is something that is not given quickly so the chance that the other person has already got it is also very small, so you can give it with peace of mind. What is also very nice when giving clogs with magnet is to make a nice package with multiple colors and here you can also add other nice Dutch products.

Collecting magnets

Magnets are very nice little things to collect. You can start collecting these cute clogs with magnet. After this the collection does not have to stop, because you can collect many more magnets. If you look at our assortment you will see that besides these cute clogs there are many more cute magnets that you can add to your collection. You can display these all on your fridge or on a magnetic board that you can use for your collection. The possibilities with collecting magnets are endless.

Big enough to stand out

The clogs with magnet that you find in our range have a size of 4 cm. Because of this size, they are big enough to stand out on your fridge or between your papers without getting in the way. For example, you can sort your papers and use different colours of clogs for this. With 4 cm all clogs fall well between the papers but you can still read  what is on it to receive the correct papers.


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