Being creative: crafting clogs

Being creative: crafting clogs

Make the most beautiful creative with Dutch products, fun for young and old. Crafts with clogs are suitable for schools, care institutions and day care. In addition, this is a fun filled-in for a children's birthday, workshop or party. Craft clogs are available in different sizes, with the choice of white or colored specimens. All Craft clogs are made of beech wood and affordable.

The best ideas with craft clogs

Crafts with clogs keeps everyone busy. These clogs are from the clog factory and originally intended for sale. During the production process, an error may occur, which makes the clogs no longer suitable for consumer sales. Small irregularities, cracks or evenings are positive for you. These clogs are still excellent for use in various craft projects. Paint or decorate yourself, make plants or a piggy bank, what ideas do you have?

Crafts with clogs are very suitable for day trips or schools with a Dutch theme. In addition, it is a challenge for healthcare institutions and people with a disability. Release your own imagination on easy-to-use products, suitable for all ages.

Small or large clogs

For children it is easier to work with small craftclogs. These we offer with a length of 6, 8 or 10 centimeters. A nice idea is to paint or decorate clogs after the sinterklaas party. Boats can also be made here. This is easy by drilling a hole at the top and sticking a stick before. This is the mast; With a self-made sail the boat is complete.

Are you looking for more nice ideas for crafts with clogs? Let the clogs paint or decorate as animal, vehicle or flag. Whatever theme you choose, the possibilities are great.

Make birthclogs yourself

At The Dutch Clog Store you will find original birth clogs. If you prefer to get started, order the clogs of your choice. Paint this with baby's name and date of birth, an original gift is not available.

For an anniversary or anniversary, you will be creative at work with a unique gift. We have craft clogs in sizes 19 to 48. These are second choice clogs that are not suitable for wearing, but are excellent for the most creative ideas. Always check our current stock, it can change regularly. You make a birdhouse, flowerjar or use the bunch of gift wrapping: a gift that makes everyone happy.

You already order a clog from 90 cents, which is cheap! You will receive the clogs in a left or right version, we can also deliver them in pairs. Do you pass this on to us? The usual clogs are uncoated, if desired we can provide them with primer. The colored clogs are available in various designs including yellow, red, orange or black. White lacquered or baby blue is also possible. We deliver everything at your address. Crafts with clogs starts at The Dutch Clog Shop.


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