Celebrating carnival with a Dutch touch

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Celebrating carnival with a Dutch touch

Carnival is coming again and that means it's time to prepare for this. You can of course dress up in the most crazy clothing, but it is also a very nice idea to dress in traditional Dutch clothing or to add a number of accessories to your party clothing. In our assortment we have the perfect items that make your Dutch outfit ready for carnival. These are small adjustments that make the clothes a whole. These nice accessories can not be missed! Are you already curious what this is? Then read on and discover what this is all about.

Nice little tieclogs

This is a small detail that makes the clothes you wear immediately a lot more fun. Necklaces are obviously not meant to be used with a tie as it is worn a lot today. This punctures a hole in your peasant handkerchief so that it stays neatly in place around your neck. The peasant handkerchief in combination with a nice tie clog turned a carnival outfit a lot. Your traditional Dutch look immediately becomes more credible. The little tieclogs can not be missed in your carnival outfit. There are many different variants available so that you can perfectly match the clog to the rest.

The second accessory that really should not be missing has been mentioned above. This is the peasant handkerchief. This is a part that never was missing. This is reflected in many nostalgic images and figurines. If you choose to go traditional Dutch dressed in carnival, the peasant handkerchief should not be missing. Without this handkerchief, the tie clog also has no use. There are 3 variants available in 2 colors. So you can have this matched with your tieclog or you can choose a tie in a very different color as your peasant handkerchief so both stand out more.

Decorating with brooches

Something that you might not immediately think of is a brooch. Here we have in our webshop a number of variants of all in the form of small clogs. You can choose to pin a brooch on your chest but it is Carnival so it can not be crazy enough. You can put several on your blouse or wear a hat full of nice brooches. This gives your clothes a nice effect and the fun with this is that you can make it as crazy as you want. Unless of course you are a fan of the beloved statement: Just do it, you're crazy enough! If this is not your beloved statement, then live out and go crazy, of course it is not every day carnival.

Getting ready and extra crazy dress up is a very fun part of carnival. We would not dare to say that this is the best part, but it is not unimportant. To be able to go all the way in the atmosphere of carnival and to go into the crowd, it is a good idea to get something nice out of the closet. The Dutch items you have just read about can certainly contribute to having a nice outfit. Your traditional Dutch clothing will look fantastic with these nice extras. You will of course find all these nice carnival accessories in our assortment. The nicest little accessories to make your traditional Dutch clothing ready for carnival can be found in the assortment of Dehollandseklompenwinkel.nl.


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