Children's clogs

Children's clogs

An original Dutch gift for children is our children's clogs. These clogs are available in beautifully painted designs. From the traditional farm clams to children's stars with happy asterisks, every child is happy about it ....

Tradition of children's clogs

What is considered by farmers like farmers who lived in earlier times. Although the workers worked on wooden shoes during this period, the whole family was wearing wooden shoes. Children's nipples were also seen a lot. Today, wooden shoes have been made for other footwear. Still, kids' nicks are unique to wear, just because they are not seen much.

Originally the Dutch wooden shoes were painted white or yellow. The farmers clogs were decorated with traditional icing. Our children's clogs with traditional strpes are light or yellow lacquered. In addition, we have the white wooden shoes for children. These are inaccurate and possibly even to be painted.

The most beautiful colors and prints

Children have their own preference and clothing style. That's why we have children's clogs in the most varied colors. From black to blue and from red to pink, we have it all. These clogs are naturally lacquered and finished in detail with painted decorations. The painted children's clogs feature stripe, dots, hearts or asterisks. Especially for soccer, royal day or other Dutch parties we have orange wooden shoes with a lion and flag in our assortment.

Those who are closely linked to Friesland look at the Frisian children's clogs. These clogs are blue lacquered and feature Frisian details. Looking for other ideas? The children's wooden shoes with cow spots have a fresh look.

Can not you make a choice? We have a lot more fun kids toys. For example, we have clog with a picture of a Jack Russel or puppy. It is also possible to choose clogs with a picture of their own dog. In addition, we also thought of the cat lovers. For example, we have children's kittens with a picture of a kitten or cat, available from size 22. But there is more because we also have children's clogs with a  pig, horse, goat, rabbit or other farm animal. You see, the choice is always great for us.

Excellent quality baby clogs

Quality is important at the Dutch clog store. Our children's wooden shoes are made of the best wood, carefully sanded and painted. Depending on the model, they are finished with a happy motif or recognizable image. The lacquered wooden shoes consist of three layers of colorless lacquer. This provides the best protection against dirt and moisture.

Kids clogs are not only fun as a special gift, but also as a souvenir they are very much loved. Surprise a family that has moved abroad with one of the original children's clogs.

Children's clogs in all sizes

The kids can be ordered in different shoe sizes. This makes it a beautiful gift for various occasions. For example, there are the birthclogs with the name and date of the child, but also with an image. These birth clogs are available in sizes 19 to 21, depending on the model. These sizes correspond to the age of 12 to 15 months. All other children's clogs are available from size 22, up to size 35. Order today your favorite children's clogs at The Dutch Clothes Shop.



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