Dutch wooden shoes

Dutch wooden shoes

Since the Middle Ages, there are wooden shoes worn in many parts of Europe. It was especially the workers and peasants who worked daily here. Still Wooden shoes worn by farmers and within certain professions, and to a lesser extent by hobbyists. You say Holland, you say wooden shoes. Dutch wooden shoes are very popular with tourists, as well as collectible by many Dutch.

Walking on wooden shoes

For walking on wooden shoes requires a special technique. People here have never walked on, can get the first time load of the feet, especially on the pass. During the raising of the foot, the toes are curved, whereby do not shift the clogs. Pain disappear soon, because walking on wooden shoes eventually get used.


The painting of wooden shoes

It used clogs pure nature and were painted in 20% of cases. Today, painted more than 75% of all wooden shoes.  In particular, the yellow color is extremely popular and fits within the traditional costume. Wooden shoes intended as souvenirs are often painted with windmills, tulips or any of the other great pictures. A Delft Blue ornament is widely seen as a painting.

Unpainted clogs must be protected against water and moisture, but they are the most pure nature. Moreover, they may themselves be painted in different colors. These wooden shoes are great as a gift by painting them yourself with the name and date of birth of the child. For an anniversary, this is a unique gift.


Clogs  as a gift

Clogs are much given as a gift in the corporate world. This allows foreign business partners are surprised. There are key clogs  that serve as a bottle opener or clogs which are painted with company logo. A nice gift to give way to regular customers and new customers. In addition, this is a nice gift for his employees, for example, with the holidays or a special occasion.


Tinkering with wooden shoes

Unpainted wooden shoes offer many opportunities for themselves creatively to get started. A craft Clogs are from the Dutch wooden shoe factory, this timber is used which is not suitable to walk on. Though these are excellent for creating unique wooden shoes with a unique style. Self wooden shoes paint to run on, then choose the untreated wooden clogs walking in one of the adult or children's sizes.

After the painting of the wooden shoes, these can be provided with an extra coat of varnish, this gives the wooden shoes an excellent protection against moisture and dirt.

In addition, there are more products available to tinker with wooden shoes. Clogs in the shape of a pencil sharpener and pencil are very popular with tourists, expatriates or as a special gift.


Special birth wooden shoes

A birth is a special event, here also includes a unique gift at. wooden shoes are equipped with name and date of the baby or an image are fun to receive and to give. These wooden shoes  are available as gift clog, but also as a real wooden shoes for toddlers. Choose blue or pink wooden shoes or any of the other colors. A special and unique gift that will appreciate the new parents. wooden shoes from Holland, there goes our hearts beat faster.


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