Manicure sets with a Dutch touch

Manicure sets with a Dutch touch

What are really typical Dutch products? We often get no further than cheese, Delft blue, tulips, clogs and windmills. But did you know that a manicure set can really be Dutch too? With nice images of different Dutch beauties and products, a simple and boring set is immediately a fun and cheerful gift. Moreover, a manicure set with Dutch touch is very handy! You can take them with you easily in your bag. You also always have a blinker, auction or tweezers on hand when needed. At De Hollandse Klompenwinkel we have different sets in different themes. The choice is huge we will say! Will you soon make yourself or another one happy with our nice sets?

What is a manicure set?

A manicure is a treatment for the hands. This treatment is mainly focused on the nails. The instruments that are used for this are collected in a manicure set. Of course these are larger and more expensive sets for professional use. But there are also smaller sets available. The manicure sets with Dutch touch are deliberately small. This makes the set fit very easily in your handbag. Fortunately, the format does not affect the content. All the instruments you need are included. When you are on the go and your nail breaks or you have a tear in your nail you can cut it away or auction it. This is of course very nice. A broken nails can namely break down and tear in your nail can cause annoying holes in clothing or a panty. The manicure sets are for every woman so a must to have with them.

What's in a manicure set with Dutch touch?

As we mentioned earlier, a manicure set from De Hollands Klompenwinkel is small but complete. The sets consist of scissors, nail clipper, tweezers, nail file and cuticle carer. Of course there is also a box to do everything. So you have all the tools at hand to care for and maintain your nails. The sets are not only useful in case of emergency. Even if you have nothing to do along the way, you can easily use the set. For example if you have to wait for someone or if you are on the bus or metro. Actually there are no reasons to buy the manicure set with Dutch touch not to buy.

Different colors and images

That a manicure set with Dutch touch can be super handy is now clear. But did you also know that they are super fun and colorful? Within our range we have different colors and designs. Of course, all sets fit within the Dutch theme. For example, we have a set with the theme Holland, Delftsblauw and Amsterdam. Not only is the exterior of the boxes provided with a print. The inside of the box and the instruments are also executed in the same theme. Every time you open the boxes, the cheerful colors and images will meet you. The manicure sets with Dutch touch ensure every time a small party.

Buy a manicure set with a Dutch touch at De Hollandse Klompenwinkel

At De Hollands Klompenwinkel we have a wide range of Dutch products. Our range does not only consist of different clogs. We have a lot of nice products such as the manicure sets with Dutch touch. The sets are very easy to view online and order. We also have super cute nail clippers in the form of a key ring. Of course, all products belong to the Dutch theme. You will therefore often encounter the colors orange, red, blue and white. Of course, the typical Dutch images like those of windmills, tulips, cheese and clogs can not be missed. A manicure set with a Dutch touch is certainly part of that. The sets are super nice to order for yourself or someone else. We can even pack the sets for you so that your gift is really a surprise.


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