New: pointed wooden shoes!

New: pointed wooden shoes!

If you are a looking of a new pair of clogs, you are welcome. Our assortment is very extensive and new products are constantly being added. If you've been wearing wooden shoes for a long time, it may be that you have had many variations and something different. Therefore, we consider it so important to expand our range and occasionally add another kind of clogs to our assortment. These are the pointed wooden shoes, which we want to tell you more about. This allows you to determine if this may be your next few clogs.

Wear of comfort with pointed wooden shoes

Like all the clogs you can order with us, the pointed wooden shoes meet certain requirements. For example, these clogs are very nice and are therefore perfect for working with your garden, for example. In winter, these pointed wooden shoes keep warm feet and in summer they keep your feet as cool as possible. Due to the thickness of the sole and because the  pointed wooden shoes enclose your entire foot, they have a high wearing comfort. Pointed wooden shoes are delicious and the only reason you will still want them is to switch them in for your own clown slippers.

The shape of pointed wooden shoes

The clogs as you probably know them have a pretty round nose. This is quite different from the pointed wooden shoes. Here the nose is a little more pointed at what these clogs give a different look. For example, these laces look a bit finer and are perfect for ladies and of course for men who prefer to wear laces with a slightly finer look. In addition to the rhinoceros, the shape of the pointed wooden shoes has remained the same to keep it as pleasant as in traditional clogs.

The pointed wooden shoes in our assortment

To make sure you can choose between different types of nose nails and you can find a variant that suits you, we have a lot of different pointed wooden shoes. To begin with, we have the white clogs in our assortment. These clogs come straight from the factory and are still completely unworked. This makes them perfect for anyone who likes a simple bunch. Of course, these clogs are also perfect for the creative crowds. These clogs are perfect to decorate yourself as you like it. You will also find pointed wooden shoes in various colors, so you can wear laces in your favorite color. Of course, the great bunches with bies can not be missed from the category of pointed wooden shoes.

Children's pointed wooden shoes

As the variants you can find for adults, you can also find in this category for children. For example, your children can choose a color that they like. As the white clogs are perfect for adults to decorate, children can do that too. This makes it even more fun to wear these clothes afterwards and nothing makes a children's party more fun when decorating their own pair of clothes. Kids will be crazy on their own woodenclogs, because they can choose which one is most beautiful and will never want to pull other shoes.

In order to always have nice clothes for you, we regularly refresh and, as you have read, the great pointed wooden shoes have come along. These clogs look beautiful and have the wearing comfort as big as all the clogs in our assortment. If you are looking for a new pair of clothes or would like to decorate your own clothes, shop now at in the assortment of pointed wooden shoes.


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