New white slippers with a mill

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New white slippers with a mill

It always gets dark outside and the temperatures are no longer as we are used to. Autumn is coming and after the autumn comes the winter. These seasons have one thing in common: it gets colder. Outside we arm ourselves against the cold by a thick coat and boots. Inside we also dress a little warmer, we crawl under a blanket. But sometimes you need a little more heat. For example, cold feet are very annoying. Fortunately, slippers offer a solution. Slippers are available in many different shapes and sizes, from traditional Spanish slippers to great fun clog slippers. Yes you read that right! At De Hollandse Klompenwinkel we not only have wooden clogs but also slippers clogs. Why you should have this really read in this blog.

Why you really need these clog slippers

Clogs are of course real traditional Dutch products. They were asked only for wood, nowadays clogs are available in various colors and materials. Our white clog slippers with a mill are also a nice example of clogs in a new look. The shape of these slippers is equal to that of traditional clogs. The noses are raised and the back is a bit lower. The biggest difference is of course the material and application. These slippers in the form of clogs are made of soft material. This material warms up your feet and ensures that they stay warm for a long time. Of course, these slippers are intended for indoor use.

The practical side of clog slippers

Slippers in the form of clog are wonderful to wear. They are warm and comfortable. However, the white  clog slippers with a mill from De Hollandse Klompenwinkel have even more advantages. First, the slippers have an anti-slip layer on the bottom. Of course you do not want to slip on a slippery surface such as floors made of laminate, natural stone or concrete. The slippers are therefore certainly safe to use. Second, the slippers can even be washed in the washing machine. The chance that your slippers clogs dirty is of course very big. After all, you walk every day on a floor that can be dirty. By washing white slippers in the washing machine they are immediately as good as new!

Clog slippers to give as a gift

Do you have a family member, friend or acquaintance living abroad? Then the white clog slippers with mill are also very nice to give as a present. The image of a mill in combination with the text "Holland" refers of course to our beautiful little country. The slippers are also very nice to give as a souvenir to someone who does not originally come from the Netherlands. An additional advantage: the slippers are super lightweight. You do not have to pay much to send the package abroad. You can also easily carry the slippers in your suitcase.

Buy white clogs slippers with mill online

Our showroom is located in Waspik. Here you can view and retrieve products. Do you not have the possibility to come to Waspik or are you simply driving too far? Then you can also buy our white slippers with grinder online via the webshop. If the products are in stock, your order will be delivered within 1 to 2 days. Even if you want to give the slippers clogs, ordering online is of course a godsend. You order and pay online but have the package delivered to a different address. This makes the surprise unexpectedly unexpected for the recipient! So there are plenty of reasons to buy these nice clog slippers, for yourself or someone else.


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