The kissing couple, a souvenir that should not be missed in your house

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The kissing couple, a souvenir that should not be missed in your house

A very Dutch and incredibly cute souvenir can be found in our assortment. This is not about all kinds of nice windmills or magnets, we are talking about the kissing couple. This cute couple has recently even been in the news and makes a great souvenir. Where the kissing couple comes from until today remains a mystery but that you can use the souvenirs of this to decorate your house is a fact. Everyone who thinks about the Netherlands automatically thinks of this nice souvenir that even comes back in the program I love Holland.

For the collectors

This should not be missing for all collector's items from Dutch souvenirs. The kissing couple really belongs in this collection. Because there are so many different souvenirs to be found, this is already a collection in itself. Slippers, figurines and many more nice souvenirs can be found in our assortment. You can make these fun souvenirs the sweet highlight of your collection. You can supplement this collection every time, so you will always see this a bit bigger which is of course very nice.

Creative with the kissing couple

Not only are collectible items or souvenirs to be found with the kissing couple on them. There are also sets of pencils that you can use to do creative. Adult colors are becoming increasingly popular and children always keep colors fun. If you do this creative way of relaxation, you can use the pencils set of the kissing couple well. They are good to color with and if you do not use them it is an addition to your collection.

Also with practical purposes

Do you ever get to hear that your collection is getting very big? Or do you hear that you really do not need everything? This does not matter, with the souvenirs of the kissing couple you have the perfect excuse for purchasing. Say honestly, who does not need a kitchen set and slippers with the kissing couple on it. The slippers will keep your feet warm, which is very important now that winter is coming and a kitchen apron is used all year round. Because these souvenirs are also useful in daily life, you always have a reason to supplement your collection.

The kissing couple in the news

You have not noticed that the kissing couple has been in the news quite recently. It is obviously not a magnet of this couple but a giant version. The kissing couple is so well known and fun that there will be a large copy in Amsterdam. Of course this does not fit in your house, because it has become a meter high image of no less than 6.700 kilos. Yet you can also have this cute couple in your house in different forms.

The kissing couple is very cute and really belongs when it comes to Dutch souvenirs. Because not in every house a giant large kissing couple fits as recently in the news has been, there are fortunately enough alternatives tailored that will fit into your home. This allows you to pick up this nice bunch no matter how big or small you live. You can wear them on your feet on cold days and you can place this pair in the house as decoration. The nicest souvenirs of the kissing couple can be found here at


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